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Company News >> Samsung out of the LCD Taiwan double tiger greeted alone 14th,June,2017
                                          The world's second largest panel factory South Korea Samsung intention to withdraw from the LCD panel business, focus on the development of OLED. Samsung currently accounts for nearly 20% of the world's large-size panel market, its intention to withdraw from the LCD panel business, there are many TV brand manufacturers began to expand the group, AUO orders, in order to avoid the future can not get the panel, Bandboard double tiger.
                                Taiwan plant less Samsung this rival, for the time being can be relieved, concentrate on research against the BOE, Huaxing photoelectric and other mainland industry competition strategy. Panel double tiger recently became the market funds to grab the subject, group hit yesterday, up against the sharp rise of 0.05 yuan, closing at 11 yuan, foreign investment for five consecutive trading days to buy more than 97,000 total.
                                AUO yesterday, the contrarian contraction of the red, up 0.05 yuan, closing 11.25 yuan, foreign investment nearly five trading days to buy a total of nearly 14 million. AUO will be in the Ming (7) day ex-dividend, accompanied by the second half of the season led to panel prices, and Samsung exit LCD message dual theme, the market is highly concerned about AUO dividend trend.
                                South Korea Times disclosed that Samsung Group has quietly start the LCD exit mechanism, expand the strategic exit of the factory layout, focus on resources in the OLED sector, and OLED cutting out, is expected to be related to the overall action for the LCD panel to prepare for the cause.
                                Samsung-related action, causing the industry a high degree of concern. IHS DisplaySearch, a senior research director, has confirmed that Samsung will close a seven-generation LCD production line at the end of this year, which accounts for about 15% of Samsung's overall LCD capacity and 3% of global capacity.
                                Xie Qinyi said, Samsung's factory production of 40-inch TV with large panel customers, including Sony, Hisense, TCL, Konka, etc., will soon shift to group procurement; supply 43-inch panel AUO, will benefit. Market institutions WitsView also pointed out that the Korean TV brand factory in 2016 panel procurement strategy big turn, significantly down the purchase of Korean panel factory, and transfer to Taiwan and panel factory, especially Samsung action the most obvious. WitsView said Samsung significantly reduced the Samsung display orders, making the Korean brand factory as a whole on the Korean panel factory procurement proportion from last year's 50.5%, down to 43.7% this year.

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