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Company News >> Domestic and foreign mainstream panel panel OLED industry layout and production line list 14th,June,2017
                                           OLED, hanging "third generation display technology," the glory of the aura, indeed, we can not deny its color gamut, breadth, color gamut and other aspects of the perfect advantage! With the progress of technology, this long-term SMD, LGD favorable in the display area on the throne of the aristocracy, and finally to the popular market, and even the entire OLED industry formed a "Japanese and Korean enterprises to guide, followed by Taiwan enterprises, domestic enterprises to catch up" The situation of the LCD road!
                                  For the OLED industry, the most popular marketing is undoubtedly Japan and South Korea enterprises, especially South Korean companies, on the one hand, LCD industry, profit margins are reduced, and its technical advantages between domestic enterprises is almost negligible, then they need to A new area to continue to widen the gap between domestic enterprises, at this time the middle of the OLED! On the other hand, the birth of the new application scene, the need for more perfect display to support, and OLED its advantages make it really enough to bear the important task.                                     In addition, the emerging industry OLED is rapidly moving to the market, which in large part thanks to South Korea's Samsung, LGD and other enterprises to push. Is based on the status of the LCD market, the market demand and OLED industry to tell the development, in addition to Japan and South Korea enterprises attractive OLED, the domestic, such as BOE, Victoria Connaught, and electro-optoelectronics, Tianma, soft technology have strengthened the layout of the OLED industry.
                                  As we all know, SMD / LGD and other Korean companies have been in the panel industry to maintain the image of pioneer, which is worth Japan, Taiwan, and mainland manufacturers learn from. Especially for the Japanese and Taiwan panel makers, the Japanese and Taiwan panel makers have been brilliant moment, but the development so far, compared with the Korean enterprises have been significantly behind a lot, according to industry sources said: "Japanese companies are currently in the panel industry planning is very Clearly, it can be said that very vague, Taiwan enterprises the same! "So, the current South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and mainland China's major panel makers in the OLED industry layout and how?

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