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Company News >> IPhone7 LCD technology even more than the Samsung OLED 9th,May,2017
                                      According to foreign media professional evaluation, the latest iPhone7 has the best screen for smart phones, although it is still using the old LCD technology. Samsung Galaxy S7, Lenovo Moto Z, a mobile phone 3 you can think of any high-end smart phones have begun to use more advanced OLED or AMOLED (active OLED) screen technology.
                             DisplayMate technical director commented: "OLED technology will make the screen thinner, to meet the borderless design, and flexible enough to make a curved screen" Soneira wrote an article in the analysis of the iPhone 7 display capabilities. "Very fast response time, better viewing angle, and an uninterrupted display mode."
                             IPhone7 peak brightness and color absolute accuracy are the industry's highest level. According to the DisplayMate evaluation Samsung Galaxy S7 has the best OLED display, because OLED and LCD have their own advantages and disadvantages are difficult to assess the level. OLED advantage is that you can independently control each pixel, and LCD can only light up the entire LCD backlight.
                             So how does Apple make the LCD so sticky? Wide color gamut! There are only three mobile phone manufacturers to support the latest DCI-P3 wide gamut standard (generally used in 4K TV). Except for Apple is Samsung and LG, the other two are used in 4K TV. The richness of the color on the phone screen is related to your visual experience, which is far more important than the already high resolution.
                            "Apple iPhone7 Retina retina display does not need 4K screen at all" Soneira commented, "glasses under normal distance the screen has been clear enough sharp"
                             In fact, according to DisplayMate professional evaluation, iPhone7 has more than all other devices the most accurate color reproduction. This means that it is even better than the 4K HDTV and monitor. If you want to restore the color of your door tree, choose iPhone7 it, there will be a tree-lined feeling. The only drawback is that iPhone7 seems to have reached the LCD screen technology limit, has entered the bottleneck can not continue beyond. And LCD display from the technical point of view, can not provide as the Samsung AMOLED surface as the screen.
                             Foreign media: iPhone7 with the old LCD technology even more than Samsung OLEDiPhone7 is indeed the best use of LCD technology to show the best mobile phone, but no one has to compete with it the title, other manufacturers have switched to the latest OLED technology. This to some extent proved that Apple will be in the next generation of products using OLED technology, and LG and Samsung, one of them will become Apple's suppliers.

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