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Company News >> Taiwan businessmen blocked the LCD industry to land to fight the world 9th,May,2017
                                            Will AMOLED replace LCD? Taiwanese R & D to sell LCD panel saturation higher, but also more power-saving technology, but faced in Taiwan can not find the dilemma of investors, can only choose to the mainland to conquer the world.
                                 (NTSC) is more than 100%, and the high color saturation can be compared with that of the ultra-wide color gamut (NTSC), which can be produced directly on the existing TFT process. AMOLED Competition, energy consumption is only half.
                                 Although both sides of the government and enterprises are saying to encourage entrepreneurship, but Liu Hongda said that cross-strait entrepreneurs are actually very hard, investors, despite sufficient funds, but very conservative, and requires rapid profit, rarely want to make long-term investment, and Taiwan's Most of the manufacturers just want to use a little money to buy out his technology, rather than long-term investment in his development of better products.
                                His technology has been launched three years ago, but the output has been difficult to enlarge, big brands like to postpone the payment for his new business team, the cash flow is not enough for him to buy materials, manufacturing to complete the test, Liu Hongda said , Young people in Taiwan do not know the "outside the rules of the game", often Taiwan's venture capital or gold master eat tightly, hope the government can learn from Israel, to look far and support the technology, ideas of entrepreneurs.
                                Yang Denggui, chairman of Haimen Huigu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., who has been engaged in research and development on the mainland, has recently sold 10 more profitable companies to set up a fund to help young people on both sides of the strait. He said that 9% Unsuccessful, because the cash flow problems, no way to expand production capacity, support to see the success of the day, he would like to their own successful experience to help the biotechnology industry have more new blood to join.

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