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Company News >> In order to attract Apple LG biography will be vigorously put into the OLED panel 8th,May,2017
                                         According to Bloomberg, LG Display will invest in OLED display to ensure consolidation with Apple's partnership in the display space.
                               Before the news came, Apple will eventually be listed next year, iPhone 8 mobile phone using OLED display, today, LG Display and Apple on the supply agreement to negotiate the news also shows that LG Corporation to give Samsung LCD screen business Remember heavy fist.
                               LG has a long time to produce OLED panel experience, and in the field of LCD TV has achieved great success. But rival Samsung on the OLED smart phone screen performance is more prominent, according to Bloomberg reported, LG Display CEO Han Xiang Fan said: "LCD TV with OLED screen compared to LG's OLED device in the small device investment is still lagging behind Other companies, it is undeniable that the flexible OLED screen is the future trend of the mobile field, and we will admit it. "
                               Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone screen using the Samsung Super AMOLED panel, OLED screen compared with the traditional LCD screen has many advantages in the OLED screen, each individual pixel can own light, rather than the traditional LCD screen as the need for backlight, This makes the display power consumption significantly reduced, while a single pixel in the need to display when the black can be a separate off, which is more than conventional LCD screen display black more real.
                               However, despite the OLED panel has many advantages, but the traditional LCD panel relative cost is low, also received a lot of manufacturers of all ages, which is Han Xiang Fan LG company did not set out to exit the LCD panel production schedule. "We do not have to rely entirely on traditional LCD panels, but we have never considered abandoning the LCD panel business, because the current benefits of OLED panels are less than 10 percent of the company's total revenue," he said. Is also considering the gradual closure of the older generation of wafer fabs.
In order to attract Apple LG is also spell will be vigorously into the OLED panel

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