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Company News >> Samsung has sold LCD panel factory OLED TV market to speed 8th,May,2017
                                       China and the global LCD TV market growth stagnation or even shrinking, this is an indisputable fact. At the same time, as an alternative to LCD TV, OLED (organic light-emitting diode) TV has shown rapid growth, has entered the market popularity period.
                              As the world's LCD panel industry leader, Samsung is gradually selling part of the LCD panel factory to ensure that more money and energy to invest in OLED industry.
                              Samsung has announced that it will be the end of 2016 to deal with its seventh generation TFT-LCD (LCD panel) production line equipment, Truly Semiconductor, BOE, Huaxing photoelectric and other mainland China panel manufacturers have become potential buyers.
                              Samsung is not the first time to sell its LCD panel factory. In January 2016, Samsung announced the sale of its fifth-generation TFT-LCD (liquid crystal panel) production line and color filter production line of several parts, components, machinery and equipment sold to mainland China's LCD panel manufacturer - Truly Semiconductor.
                              The reason why Samsung LCD panel factory abandoned, such as spacious, because the LCD panel market demand has been to Samsung has a very negative impact. According to Samsung Electronics in the first quarter of 2016 earnings, by the LCD panel market sluggish and the continued decline in prices, Samsung's electronic display business in the first quarter operating loss of 270 billion won. And Samsung's new flagship mobile phone Galaxy S7 & S7 edge ahead of the release and its strong sales performance, making Samsung OLED panel business revenue increased significantly.
                              Samsung is also supplying OLED panels for other handset manufacturers. Apple is currently working with Samsung Electronics subsidiary Samsung monitor to negotiate, Samsung's fastest display next year to Apple's iPhone supply OLED panel.
                              For large-size OLED TV panel, Samsung has been increasing research and development efforts. March 2, 2016, held in Shanghai, "2016 Samsung China Forum", Samsung on display at the scene of the 55-inch transparent OLED TV, the product is mainly used in jewelry display cabinets, beverage freezers, traffic control sand table and other commercial areas.

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