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Company News >> Season off the LCD panel production line for the Samsung Samsung is not stupid 2rd,May,2017
                                        I believe that foreign media AndroidHeadlines can explain this problem, according to the latest statistics show that in the second quarter of 2016, Samsung OLED panel market shipments reached 98 million, an increase of 81.5%. Samsung has now controlled the global 99% smart phone OLED screen market, other manufacturers OLED screen shipments accounted for only 1%.
                              From the current point of view, although LG and domestic screen manufacturers are still trying to improve their own OLED screen technology and production capacity, but Samsung still occupied the OLED mobile phone screen market.
                              And Samsung shut down large-size LCD panel production line is aimed at the new small and medium size OLED panel production line.
                              Two years ago, LCD panel continued losses, Panasonic, Sharp are related to stop this year, three years off this line is also set earlier on the strategy.
                              Samsung shows the first quarter shipments of 2243, the market share of 14.5%, ranked fifth. While the top four were LG Display (37.49 million, 24.3%), BOE (26.66 million, 17.3%), AUO (24.44 million, 15.8%), group photoelectric (22.91 million, 14.8%).
                              The third quarter of large-size LCD panel prices, although Samsung is unexpected, but it is controllable.
                               But I believe that these compared to OLED mobile phone panel lucrative profits, the opportunity to give up this large-size LCD panel production line is very low, Samsung simply does not intend to short-term price fluctuations.
                               Of course, the LCD panel production line shut down, will affect the Samsung machine a certain degree of matching, but due to the current global LCD panel supply is relatively sufficient, the so-called large-size LCD panel out of stock panel manufacturers to improve the pre-loss and deliberately Release the smoke bombs, from the global LCD panel layout and supply side, even if the shortage, the time will not be long. From the current point of view, there is no business because of large-size LCD panel shortage and can not push the finished product.

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