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Company News >> BOE no longer invest in LCD off 5 generation line is not reported 27th,Apr,2017
                                      Recently, Taiwan media reported that the largest domestic panel factory in the first quarter of next year, Beijing closed the second generation of five generations of plants. For a time, causing the industry in an uproar. I first linked to the BOE, BOE staff said that the news content is not true, and to clarify that the BOE only one LCD five production lines, is currently continuing production, and did not close one said.
                             (1) will close the second five-generation plant (L6) in the first quarter of next year, thanks to the opening of a five-generation plant (L5) last year after the closure of a five-generation plant (L5) from WitsView Research. In the small and medium size panel supply and demand balance, Caijing and CPT and other small and medium-sized plant to benefit from the larger.
                             In response to this message, the author has verified. It is understood that BOE did not L5, L6 named panel production line, BOE LCD five generations of production line code-named B1. Samsung monitor does have L5, L6 named LCD panel production line, Taiwan media refers to the upcoming closure of the second five generations of plants (L6) is most likely the Samsung monitor production line.
                             It is understood that the Samsung monitor is located in South Korea's eight LCD production line, by the end of 2015 has five (L1 ~ L5) closed, of which 5-generation line of equipment has been sold to mainland manufacturers believe in photoelectric. In April this year, Samsung monitors said it was scheduled to close half of the 7th generation LCD production line in South Korea's Tangjing factory in September and October. As for the last LCD production line (6th generation) at Tianan factory, it will also be closed. In addition, Samsung may also plan to close next year, a 5-generation line.
                             Smart phone panel demand and the overall decline in the price of mobile phone panels, low generation line LCD production line profit received a great impact. With next year Apple's new machine will use AMOLED panel, will drive the rise of AMOLED panel demand boom. Samsung LCD display the original investment plan has also been converted into all investment OLED. BOE also revealed that it will no longer continue to invest in LCD production lines.
                             BOE Chairman Wang Dongsheng said in an interview, in the field of display, BOE in principle no longer invest in TFT-LCD production line, the future investment focus is active organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) and other new generation of display technology, BOE will be based on customer demand And market changes to the layout.
                             August 31, BOE investors in the interactive platform also said that AMOLED in the field of smart phones and other applications at present a good momentum of development, the company is also actively promoting the development of AMOLED business. At present, there is a small-scale production line of AMOLED in B6 factory in Ordos, which has realized the mass production of mobile phone products. The 2.5-generation flexible AMOLED production line in Beijing is also engaged in active technology development and product development. One of the world's most advanced 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line, the fourth quarter of 2017 will be the official production, which is following the South Korea after the world's second global implementation of flexible AMOLED products mass production enterprises. In the TV application area, we also have a AMOLED lead wire in the 8.5 generation line of Hefei. The current product is mainly 55 "UHD product.
                            Industry sources, the current BOE has been mass production Erdos B6 factory, AMOLED production capacity of 4K / month, has achieved mass production sales. Not long ago millet company released the latest red rice Pro smart phone is used in the BOOL AMOLED screen. BOE is located in Chengdu, B7 flexible AMOLED production line is expected to mass production in the second quarter of next year, will be to a certain extent, ease the status of flexible AMOLED out of stock.

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