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Company News >> French Leti develops new Micro LED production process to provide higher brightness and resolution

According to foreign media reports, engineers from the Electronic Information Technology Institute (Leti), a subsidiary of the French Atomic Energy Agency (CEA), claim that their new method of producing Micro LEDs will revolutionize the production of high-performance displays, with current LCDs and Excellent image quality and energy efficiency design compared to organic LEDs (OLEDs).


Francois Templier, director of marketing strategy for Leti Photonics, recently introduced a new manufacturing process that combines light-emitting semiconductors with silicon-based driver circuits at the International Society for Information Display (SID) display week in San Jose, California.


The development of large-size displays that demand higher image resolution means that faster electronic devices are needed to drive all display types, including Samsung's new commercial Micro, which includes millions of individual pixel emitters. LED format and other products.


However, existing drive circuits based on thin film transistor (TFT) active matrix designs do not provide the required current and speed requirements. The new method developed by Leti produces a high-performance GaN Micro LED display driven by CMOS with a simplified transfer process that eliminates the need for a conventional TFT backplane. The red, green and blue Micro LEDs are stacked directly on the micro CMOS circuit prior to transferring each unit to a simple receiving substrate, and the light emitters and backplane are simultaneously fabricated on a wafer scale on a single semiconductor processing line.

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