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Company News >> South China's first large-size LCD panel production line put into operation 25th,Apr,2017
                                          Recently, deep ultra-photoelectric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to invest in the construction of the first fifth generation of TFT-LCD (thin film field effect transistor) panel production line officially put into operation, which marks the end of South China has no large-size LCD panel production line history , Shenzhen and the entire Pearl River Delta region of the flat panel display industry will completely bid farewell to "lack of core less soul" situation.
                               The fifth generation of TFT-LCD panel production line project by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Investment Co., Ltd. deep investment, through the overseas recruitment of technical team to achieve the project technical support, the total investment scale of 1.859 billion US dollars, including the construction of array, color filters, etc. Of the whole process production line, with 60,000 glass substrate processing (extended to 120,000), color filter 72,000, with an annual output of 7.95 million LCD production capacity, the annual output value is expected to reach 1 billion US dollars, Each year to support the upstream and downstream supporting industry output value of about 40 billion US dollars.
                               The project construction process to take a number of types of work and units with each other, cross-operation, while building, side installed, while trial production mode, to achieve a short time, high efficiency according to the planned production goals. Since the start of the commissioning equipment in October 2008, the yield of the climbing period is close to 90%. Now it has realized mass production, creating the fastest and fastest climbing speed of the same kind of "Shenzhen speed".
                               Industry sources, Shenzhen and southern China has developed a flat panel display industry's unique advantages, but also gathered a group of LCD products business. At present, the Pearl River Delta region concentrated the Great Wall, Konka, Skyworth, TCL, ZTE, Huawei and other end customer groups and the mainland about 80% of the LCD TV production, making Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta has a good industrial environment.
                               At the same time, the Pearl River Delta is also the country's most concentrated demand for LCD modules, for which many terminal manufacturers in this region with production base. However, the South China region and no more than 5 generation and more TFT-LCD panel production line, and deep ultra-photoelectric production, so that the flat panel display industry in South China will be the core technology support.

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