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Company News >> Hon Hai's panel factory revenues plummeted
Under the background of the iterative update of the panel display technology, Samsung 扛 扛 quantum dot display technology, LG is determined to stand OLED, a hundred years of Sharp always believe that LCD is still LCD, which in the end has a bit of momentum. Different opinions can be seen as differences in the development strategy of the enterprise, but it is placed in the entire panel display technology field, which has completely become the secret of the big brothers.


Here we are not going to investigate who can pick up the banner of the next generation of display technology, let's talk about the "stubborn" Sharp. From the father of LCD, to the father of 8K, under the blessing of Hon Hai, this Japanese century-old shop has ushered in a new life, obviously there is savings and ambition, but the reality is still too cruel, this is a smashed one. hand.


According to "Nikkei Business News" reported on April 8th, Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industry Group, Sharp also invested in LCD panel production company - display products (SDP, located in Osaka, Osaka, Japan) in fiscal year 2018 (as of December 2018) Revenue fell sharply by 44% to 111.4 billion yen. The profit was converted from a surplus of 11.5 billion yen in 2017 to a loss of 17.7 billion yen. Net profit also turned from a profit of 4.3 billion yen in 2017 to a loss of 284. Billion yen.


When this news came out, it immediately caused public opinion. Hon Hai’s strong alliance has always been lack of ambition. How can it be lost again after two years? This is a deep thought.


In fact, the reason why SDP revenue will fall by 40%, mainly due to the shrinking sales of Sharp's LCD TV products in China. That is to say, the poor sales performance of Sharp TV in China directly led to the loss of the panel factory of Hon Hai after two years.


When the legend of the past faded all the glory of the past, with the change of the business strategy of Sharp in the Chinese market in the past century, the low-cost strategy has become a thing of the past. We have witnessed the process of Sharp TV's eruption in the Chinese market. Sharp TV myth has become a thing of the past. It seems that only the embarrassment after the temperature has passed. Now, with the slowdown in the sales of Sharp TV in the Chinese market and the commissioning of large LCD panel factories in Chinese companies, the domino effect caused by this is being staged. Is this a hurdle on the road? Still starting to fall back into losses? This is obviously worth pondering.

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