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Company News >> LG G8 launched in early 2019, 5G / foldable phone and then killed
LG's mobile division has not been successful in the past year. At the end of November this year, LG announced that the mobile department will change coaches, and the replaced supervisor is only in one year. However, according to the Korean media ETNews news, LG will release several new heavy products in 2019.


LG's product roadmap shows that LG will release the G series new mobile phone LG G8 at the end of March next year. Although positioned as the G-series, this phone is not a 5G phone, but only supports LTE networks.

LG's big move will come later. According to the report, LG will launch mobile phones supporting 5G networks in South Korea and the United States after the release of the G8. This phone may not be included in the G-series, but will be featured in other series.


In addition, LG is also preparing a foldable phone, which may be released in the third quarter of next year.


LG's last quarter's earnings report showed that its mobile division's net loss for the quarter reached $135 million, and the annual loss has reached $410 million. For the LG mobile division that has just changed coaches, the performance of these products next year may be crucial.

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