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Company News >> Xinli (Renshou) 6th generation AMOLED line starts in the second half of next year
At the "2018 Sichuan High-end Display Industry Chain Matchmaking Meeting", Ma Liang, general manager of Xinli (Ren Shou) High-end Display Technology Co., Ltd. said that the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line of Xinli will start construction in the second half of 2019.


It is reported that this year, Truly not only clarified the investment in flexible AMOLED, but also increased the amount of investment. Ma Liang said that the demand for flexible market is increasing day by day. Xinli will start construction of a sixth-generation flexible AMOLED production line next year. Although the total investment amount has not exceeded 40 billion yuan, it has increased to 31.8 billion yuan.


However, the start-up time of the 6th generation flexible AMOLED production line of Xinli was delayed. Ma Liang revealed that in June 2019, Xinli will set up a new company for the 6th generation line. It is expected to start construction in the second half of 2019, but the specific start time has not yet been finalized. Because AMOLED production equipment has a long lead time, it takes time to build the production line. He predicted that the 6th generation line may not be completed until 2021.


The market positioning of Truly's flexible AMOLED products is mainly in the consumer electronics market. Ma Liang pointed out that the 6th generation line is mainly for markets such as mobile phones, automobiles and wearable products. He particularly emphasized the application of AMOLED in the automotive field. —— “The life of AMOLEDs in 2021 should be greatly improved, and the demand for flexible and shaped screens in the automotive display market will gradually increase.”


According to the end of last year, Truly announced that the 6th generation AMOLED (flexible) semiconductor display device production line construction project has a total investment of 27.9 billion yuan, with a construction period of 22 months. It is planned to start in October 2018 and put into production in 2020.


Among them, the array glass substrate production capacity: 30K / month; OLED evaporation glass substrate production capacity: 60K / month (6 generation line substrate 1/2 cut); panel small piece capacity: about 52.66 million pieces / year (based on 5" module). The total planned construction area of ​​the plant area is about 407,500 square meters; the total clean room area is about 110,000 square meters.

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