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Company News >> 2018 E-sports display annual shipment growth rate of 100%

According to the latest survey by the Jibang Consulting Optoelectronics Research Center (WitsView), shipments of the 2018 E-sports LCD monitor (WitsView is defined as a refresh rate of 100 Hz or higher) are expected to reach 5.1 million units, up 100% from last year.


Wang Jingyi, senior research manager of WitsView, said that in recent years, the e-sports industry has flourished, and e-sports games have been included in the Asian Games demonstrations, which has continuously boosted the gold content of the PC industry and stimulated the demand for peripheral equipment upgrades. In 2017, the popular game "Jesus Survival" will refresh the LCD display specification to 144Hz, which will drive a wave of Internet cafes in the Chinese market. Display with high refresh rate specifications is gradually favored by ordinary e-sports players.


Judging from the ranking of e-sports display brand manufacturers, in 2018, many LCD monitor brands have seized the highly profitable e-sports display market, and the cost-effective curved e-sports display has been sold well. In addition, the rest of the brand names have suffered a major reshuffle.


Asustek has maintained its leading position in e-sports display shipments this year, in addition to continuing the market-leading sales in the past few years, and continuously introducing innovative products (such as the world's first 4K 144Hz HDR gaming display) and continuing to increase electricity. Competing for market investment to help Asus maintain its leading position in e-sports.


The second-ranked Acer's wide-opening esports product line, from professional players to the general player's all-round layout, let Acer, which started slower than ASUS and BenQ, start to catch up in 2017. Last year's shipments have surpassed BenQ to take second place. In 2018, it is closer to Asus, and is in a position of sitting on the second.


The third-ranked AOC/Philips e-sports brand has achieved results, which has led to the promotion of e-sports related products. In addition, its product line layout is quite complete. In addition, this year's e-sports machine will focus on cost-effective curved surface products, which will help sales growth. In addition to the Chinese e-sports market, AOC/Philips has also made breakthroughs in Europe and Asia Pacific.


The Samsung ranking rose from the fifth to the fourth last year. Its e-sports display is based on cost-effective curved surfaces, and all-size products are available. This year, the proportion of its surface e-sports products has exceeded 95%.


As far as the overall situation of the market is concerned, the proportion of curved e-sports products in 2018 has officially surpassed that of flat products, mainly because SDC's curved E-sports panels benefit from the booming demand in the Chinese market. At the same time, SDC is also willing to continue to make profits to stimulate demand, which in turn will drive the sales of curved e-sports products to rise throughout the year. The rise of the surface e-sports display has also made the late-selling display brands such as MSI and HKC perform well this year. In terms of market share, WitsView estimates that this year's surface e-sports and flat products ratio is about 54:46, and in 2017 it was 23:77.

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