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Company News >> BOE (BOE) released the first 55-inch printed 4K OLED display
At present, OLED technology is developing rapidly, and the use of inkjet printing technology to produce OLED displays has become the focus of attention in the industry. Recently, BOE (BOE) successfully developed China's first 55-inch 4K OLED display with inkjet printing technology, which has become an important breakthrough in the field of printing OLED technology.

The production of OLED display by inkjet printing technology can not only greatly improve the utilization rate of organic materials, but also effectively reduce the cost, especially in the field of large-size OLEDs. It is understood that BOE (BOE) 55-inch 4K OLED display uses the world's leading RGB full printing technology, the contrast ratio of 1000000:1, high color gamut is NTSC96.8%, can achieve better picture quality performance. At the same time, BOE (BOE) uses inkjet printing technology to produce OLED display materials with a utilization rate of 90%, and also has obvious advantages in equipment and consumable cost control.


BOE (BOE) launched the 17-inch inkjet printing OLED display as early as 2012. In 2013, it successfully developed the first 30-inch FHD inkjet printing OLED display. In 2014, it launched the 14-inch QHD resolution inkjet printing OLED display. Screen. In order to further promote the development of the industry, BOE (BOE) is also investing in the printing of OLED technology platform in Hefei, promoting the large-scale development of OLED technology and allowing OLED TVs to accelerate into the home.

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