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Company News >> Who is listening to? Experts say that iPhone battery life is affected by OLED screen drag

Users of iPhone X, iPhone XS and other mobile phones may have discovered that the new Apple smartphone in their hands seems to be far less durable than the iPhone 8 Plus. It is reasonable to say that each new generation of products will have an improvement in battery optimization, and the iPhone X, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max also use the so-called "more power-saving" OLED screen module, so why is the life generation generation not as good as the generation?


With this question, the Washington Post's technology reviewers found editors of famous technology media such as CNET to discuss the reasons together. After many tests, they concluded that the main reason for the decline in iPhone X, iPhone XS and other products was actually this OLED screen.


They said that because the OLED screen module consumes more power than the LCD module, and the power consumption exceeds the power saving caused by battery optimization, the new iPhone's battery life is getting worse. The best example is the iPhone XR, which uses a LCD screen for better battery life than iPhone X and iPhone XS.


It seems that here, Xiaolei feels very puzzled. At the beginning of the launch of OLED, the main propaganda points of Samsung and other manufacturers on OLED screens are “power saving” and “lightweight”. But how do you get to the iPhone, the OLED screen becomes a big power consumer?


In theory, the OLED screen has the characteristics of self-luminous pixels, which can illuminate certain pixels separately, so the black screen does have the advantage of power saving. The LCD screen illumination requires the back panel to provide a light source. Even if only one pixel of content needs to be displayed, it is necessary to light up all the screen pixels, so the power consumption will be corresponding.


The iPhone XR's battery life is better. I believe the main reason is not because of the LCD screen, but because of its low resolution, and the high-resolution screen will definitely consume more power. In other words, Xiaolei does not recognize the above statement, iPhone XS, iPhone X and other OLED iPhone life is really not satisfactory, but it is definitely not an OLED pot.

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