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Company News >> Foreign media said that the iPhone XS MAX screen was made by Samsung: no LG screen was found
Earlier we reported that LG joined the new iPhone's OLED screen supply chain news, but since the three parties have not confirmed, so this is only a guess.


Recently, according to foreign media DisplayMate test, they found that the iPhone XS MAX display is made by Samsung, not LG.


The custom OLED screen is one of the most expensive components since the iPhone X. It is also one of the reasons why the iPhone is priced at $1,000. However, since the OLED screen of the iPhone is exclusively supplied by Samsung, Samsung does not have much price reduction power.


This should be the reason why Apple is looking for LG to supply OLED screens. If LG joins the supply chain and competes with Samsung, the cost of the iPhone is expected to drop rapidly.


But for now, foreign media confirmed that the new iPhone is still supplied by Samsung's OLED screen, but considering the possible quality problems of LG's OLED screen, no LG screen is a good thing in a sense, which means consumers buy There is no need for a "draw" for the new iPhone.


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