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Company News >> Why is the battery of the Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version shrinking, and the optical fingerprint on the screen is also bruised
A few months after Xiaomi 8 was released, Xiaomi put together the last released Xiaomi 8 Ultimate and Xiaomi 8 Transparent Exploration Edition on the 19th, and re-released it again in Chengdu.


This combined Xiaomi 8 is called the screen fingerprint version, which refers to the world's first pressure-sensitive screen fingerprint recognition module originally used on the Xiaomi transparent exploration version, replacing the back post-capacitive fingerprint identification of the original Xiaomi 8 Ultimate. Module.


Of course, for this screen fingerprint recognition function, the battery capacity of the Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version is also changed from the original 3400mAh (typ) / 3300mAh (min) of Xiaomi 8 to the same 3000mAh (typ) / 2900mAh as the Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version. (min), also saved the Xiaomi 8 transparent exploration version of the 3D structured light face recognition module, also using the infrared face recognition method of Xiaomi 8.


The millet screen fingerprint version uses the so-called second-generation screen optical fingerprint recognition technology. In fact, it is not much different from the first generation technology. It is still a large optical sensor, taking up a large piece of the screen. Space, so the space left for the battery is even smaller, of course, the battery capacity is smaller than the same structure design, but the model without the screen fingerprint recognition module is smaller.


At present, there are two modes of optical fingerprint recognition under the screen. One is similar to Xiaomi 8, which uses a large-area sensor to directly read the fingerprint pattern technology when the phone is pressed on the screen; the other is a similar camera. The technique of photography, after focusing the optical signal through the optical lens set, can be read by a small sensor.


Compared with the on-screen fingerprint product in which the large area sensor of the sensor area 4X4 (mm) and 5X5 (mm) directly reads the signal, the module area of ​​the fingerprint product similar to the camera module is much smaller, and The area of ​​the sensor can also be made small.


According to Li Xing's understanding from the industry, the current screen-based fingerprint recognition products similar to the camera module, the mass-produced products can generally achieve 2X2 (mm) sensor size, while the next generation of products being developed, the sensor size can already be done. To 1.5X1.5 (mm).


This also means that the cost of the sensor chip of this product can be very low, only a fraction of the cost of the large-face sensor chip, and even can be ten times different. Of course, such a screen-printing product like a camera module must be used in conjunction with the above-mentioned focusing lens group, so that the height of the product is generally greater than 2 mm. In addition, the cost of the lens group can not be saved, but it is still much smaller than the cost of the chip.


However, due to the fact that some parts of the fingerprint on the screen are difficult to place other components, the smaller the plane area of ​​the fingerprint recognition, the larger the space left for the battery, and the more the battery capacity of the mobile phone is increased. helpful. In general, between the screen fingerprint technology and battery life, more people still want to choose the latter in terms of affecting the user experience of consumers.


In fact, the application of fingerprint recognition technology on mobile phones, although promoted by the two camps of Apple and Android, has been accepted by consumers, but it can really be said that it can play a role, or how much user experience is improved. However, there is still no conclusion. At least most people's mobile phone fingerprint recognition function is almost idle, and some rear-mounted fingerprint recognition mobile phone users may not have paid attention to this function at all.


The fingerprint technology of the screen from the development direction of the smart phone is indeed a bit of a sense of backwardness in technology and concept. It not only does not solve all the existing problems of fingerprint recognition, but also reduces the score on the biggest short-board life of the smartphone. Its only benefit is to cater to the full-screen design, but at the expense of the user experience of the smartphone core.


As mentioned above, the fingerprint recognition product with the lens group can achieve a small reduction in the area of ​​the sensor, so the cost of using the fingerprint technology in the future will definitely drop quickly. At present, the price of the two types of on-screen optical fingerprint recognition modules is between 7 and 10 US dollars. It is believed that the price will be low and the waist will be low, and the price will be lower than that of the front-mounted capacitive fingerprint recognition module. It is only a little higher than the price of the rear capacitive fingerprint recognition module.


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