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Company News >> The wind king "mangosteen" struck outdoor LED billboards hidden huge crisis

On the afternoon of the 16th, the No. 22 typhoon "Hawthorn" officially landed in Guangdong. When landing, the maximum wind force near the center was 14 (45 m / s), which became the strongest typhoon in China this year. According to the latest report, as of 20:00 on the 16th, the typhoon "Mangosteen" has caused two deaths in Guangdong Province, and 15 people injured in Macau, which is really distressing!


In the past two days, the news related to "Mangosteen" has blown up the circle of friends, causing the attention of the people of the whole country. At present, the high-speed rail in Guangdong Province has been suspended, and a large number of flights have been cancelled in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Guangzhou airports, and many places have stopped working and suspended production. Always maintain the wind-proof I-level emergency response, and continue to do all the best to do the typhoon "Mangosteen" defense work.


In the face of natural disasters, life always appears to be vulnerable. The arrival of the 14th typhoon is not only a strong wind force, but also a huge threat to the personal safety of pedestrians. In the storm, the text ads installed at high places Outdoor billboards such as cards, LED displays, and LED light boxes are also lurking in huge crisis. Especially in Guangdong, where the economic level is among the best in the country, the number of outdoor LED advertising screens covers two-thirds of the national advertising market share. If the large-size, heavy-weight LED display fails or falls, it will bring Predictive consequences.


The arrival of typhoon weather has brought enormous challenges to all aspects of outdoor LED display performance. In the outdoor environment, in order to ensure that it will not be eroded by rain, the LED display itself needs to have a high degree of waterproof protection, and the module has to be filled with glue, and the waterproof box is used, and the module and box are made of waterproof rubber ring. At the same time, the installation position of the outdoor LED advertising screen is many, and the installation method is also very diverse, and there are wall-mounted, inlaid, column-type, hanging type and the like. The typhoon struck, in order to make the LED advertising screen equipment not fall, there are strict requirements on the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display screen, which requires the engineering unit to strictly design and install according to the standard of typhoon resistance. With a certain ability to withstand earthquakes, this can ensure that the outdoor LED display will not fall and cause secondary hazards.


More importantly, in the typhoon season, the impact of lightning on the LED display is fatal. If it is hit by lightning, the display will be damaged seriously, so the outdoor LED display must be equipped with lightning protection lightning protection equipment such as lightning rods. Grounding, install the power supply lightning arrester in the distribution box, and then ground it to ensure the safety of the outdoor LED display.


In order to confront the typhoon "Mangoscis", two days before the typhoon landed, all areas in Guangdong were inspecting the safety hazards. In Guangdong, Foshan and other places, the relevant departments conducted comprehensive investigations on various outdoor advertising facilities, and immediately notified the installers that the outdoor advertising facilities were outdated, incomplete, falling off, collapsed, and not in accordance with the approval specifications and forms. In time for rectification, if the rectification is not in place or refuses to rectify, it will be immediately taken out of compulsory demolition, and will be punished according to law to comprehensively protect the personal and property safety of the citizens.


However, there are disadvantages in everything. Although the outdoor LED display has certain dangers in typhoon weather, with the improvement of technology and the return of the quality consciousness of LED manufacturers, the safety factor of all aspects of LED display has been greatly improved. It not only reduces the incidence of accidents, but also has the advantage of high resolution and diversified communication content, and has become a powerful "small horn" in the typhoon war. For example, before the landing of “Hawthorn”, Changping Branch of Dongguan Border Inspection Station passed the LED display screen to play the customs clearance reminder at the port site, and issued a travel reminder to the passengers; when the typhoon “Maria” was registered, the relevant departments passed the LED. Rolling publicity, WeChat grouping and other measures to strengthen forecasting and early warning, strengthen pre-judgment prevention, and firmly grasp the initiative of flood prevention work.


According to the release of the Central Meteorological Observatory, the typhoon “Hawthorn” continued to move towards the southwest Yangjiang after landing, and the wind continued to weaken. The Guangdong Provincial Defense General reduced the windproof Class I emergency response to Class II at 20:00 on the 16th. In any case, prevention is always the best. In the season of frequent typhoons, outdoor LED advertising screens are relatively fragile as electronic devices. If the outdoor LED advertising screens are damaged due to failure to protect them, it is not only economically The loss may also cause personal injury. Therefore, there is no small matter in safety, and we must deal with all kinds of sudden natural situations.


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