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Company News >> World's first rollable touchscreen tablet comes out

According to a recent report by the American Physicist Organization Network, scientists at Queen's University of Canada took inspiration from the ancient scrolls and created a flexible touch-screen tablet called MagicScroll, which pushed flexible device technology. A new field.


The latest research is led by Dr. Roller Walter, the pioneer of the Flexible Screen and Director of the Human Media Laboratory at Queen's University. Watergar said: "We are inspired by the ancient scroll design, because they allow longer, more natural and more undisturbed viewing; another source of inspiration is the business card case file system for storing and browsing contact business cards. ”


It is reported that the device consists of a flexible display with a resolution of up to 2K. The display can be curled or unrolled around a cylinder made by 3D printing technology. The cylinder contains internal components that run like a computer, with two rotations at each end. The wheel allows the user to scroll through the information on the touch screen. The display can also be deployed as a flat panel display when the user locates interesting content that they want to explore further.


The tablet's "weight" is lighter, and the cylindrical "body" makes it easier for the user to hold it with one hand than the iPad. When it is rolled up, it can be placed in the pocket and can be used to make a phone call or use as a pointing device.


In addition to the highly innovative flexible display, the tablet's prototype is also equipped with a camera that allows users to use the rolled up "magic scroll" as a gesture-based control device. Moreover, the rotating wheel of the device contains a robotic actuator that enables the device to move or rotate in several situations, such as when a notification is received.


Watgarh said they hope to eventually design a device that can be rolled into a pen and placed in a shirt pocket. He said: "In a broader sense, the 'Magic Scroll' project also allows us to further study the concept of 'the screen doesn't have to be flat' and 'anything can be turned into a screen'. Anything here, including having interactions Reusable cups on screens, monitors on clothes, etc. We are exploring how to turn everyday things into applications."




Traditional screens are generally flat and inflexible. Flexible screens have changed our perception of the screen, which makes the shape of the screen more varied. This kind of screen was unveiled at the World Cup in Russia in 2018. At that time, many fans wore round high-top hats, and the hats were actually made of flexible screens, which can play World Cup matches. It is foreseeable that with the rapid iteration of technology, flexible screens will increasingly appear in everyday life. Especially in places where traditional screens can't match, flexible screens will bring more surprises.

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