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Company News >> High-end OLED TV prices will accelerate to seize the LCD market? 18th,Apr,2017
                                          This year with the LCD TV due to raw material costs and other reasons TV prices have the opposite, as the most high-end flat-panel TV OLED TV prices began to appear signs of loosening.
                                It is understood that since 2014, Skyworth and other brands in the push, OLED TV by the user to accept the most high-end TV on behalf of the product, after more than three years of market cultivation, consumers of OLED TV unparalleled display of impressed The Although the current sale of OLED TV product line is very rich, the channel in depth to the second and third tier cities in the market, but the high price is still the main reason for consumers to wait and see.
                               In fact, OLED TV since the introduction of the market, with the continuous breakthrough in technology, panel yield improvement and the effect of scale expansion, the cost of declining, pricing in three years has undergone tremendous changes. LG in 2013, starting 55-inch 4K OLED TV, for example, the listing price of up to 14,000 US dollars, and now its price has dropped to 14,000 yuan, simply after the exchange rate can be considered that, just three years, the actual decline in OLED TV Up to seven times. And Skyworth OLED TV prices listed since the price has gradually maintained a trend towards the people, and now gradually into the main sales price range.
                               With this year's LCD TV market price pick up the pattern of confirmation, the market began to suspect that the price of high-end OLED TV will be "stagnation" or even a recovery surge
In December 14 last year, OLED industry summit, Skyworth Group, president of color TV business Liu Tangzhuo said that in 2017 will usher in the outbreak of OLED industry, and Skyworth is also prepared in the recent OLED TV retail price adjustment.
                               Liu Tong branch in an interview with the home network confirmed the above speculation, he determined that OLED TV outbreak of a variety of conditions have been fully equipped, only the risk of blowing angle. HEA from the market research firm IHS forecast data learned that OLED TV in 3 years accounted for 50% of the high-end TV market share, 2017 is bound to become the global OLED market, an important turning point.
                              "From the industrial chain, OLED product technology maturity and market awareness, OLED outbreak of the basic conditions, if also owes a Dongfeng, should be the price loose." Liu Tongzhi that Skyworth has been in the long-term relentless promotion of OLED, in the industrial chain point of view more and more brands to join the OLED camp, such as the upstream panel factory such as BOE, Huaxing photoelectric and so on in the investment refueling OLED panel production line , And Haisi and other chip custom development also joined the high-end television domestic torrent, breaking the lack of China's domestic color TV independent intellectual property rights situation.
                              The market generally concerned about the product yield and cost issues, Skyworth and LGD continue to work together, three years has been OLED panel yield pulled up to the level close to the LCD. At the same time, with the technological progress and scale continued to expand, stand-alone cost reduction is very obvious, which to OLED to expand market share, to seize the LCD cake to provide an accelerated guarantee.
                              Benefit from Skyworth in the domestic full-channel market mature experience, three years OLED from the luxury user groups to cover the high-end online groups, and cover the second and third line under the market to increase consumer contact area and opportunities.
                             "From the first month of this year, domestic OLED TV sales data, Skyworth brand sales accounted for nearly half," Liu Tong said, "Skyworth is considering the recent market level to take some radical strategy, do not rule out the price quickly to do some adjustments to feedback The majority of users, but the specific rate but also wait for market research and market feasibility studies and then announced the implementation, but it is clear that consumers will really feel this year, the arrival of the OLED era.
                              According to comprehensive information analysis, Skyworth at the end of this year before the end of March of its high-end OLED product prices significantly reduced, and break the first appeared in the online shopping will also become a high probability event.

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