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Company News >> Visionox 40 billion investment Hefei built 6th generation OLED panel line Shucheng OLED module factory

Relevant information shows that VS, which has just resumed trading, will invest a total of about 40 billion yuan in Anhui, to build a sixth-generation AMOLED production line project and related supporting back-end module factories. The relevant parties have already been on August 30, 2018. Signed an investment agreement.


As the specific content of Visionox has not been announced, there is not much external knowledge about the details. According to reliable sources, Hefei New Station Industrial Park won the sixth generation AMOLED production line project of Visionox, and Shucheng won the Segment module factory project.


Since the beginning of this year, Anhui has actively promoted foreign-invested and panel-related manufacturers to map the Hefei's panel industry resources to Anhui's entire territory, and to promote the province's investment resources linkage.


In addition to Hefei, Shucheng is one of the most keen regions in the panel industry. In addition to actively recruiting small and medium-sized enterprises on the panel and downstream, last year there was a joint venture with Xinli to build TFT-LCD and OLED panel factories. Because Shucheng could not complete the relevant fund matching, the relevant cooperation was given up.


It is understood that after entering 2018, Shucheng cooperated with two industrial investment companies in Anhui Province to attract foreign investment, and once again extended an olive branch to domestic panel companies, and finally attracted the OLED panel production line project of Visionox.


However, in related industrial policies and capital support, Shucheng once again encountered the same dilemma of cooperation with Xinli last year. In order to win the new OLED project of Visionox, Shucheng operated through two industrial investment companies to put the project on the project. Perform a spin-off.


Among them, the OLED panel production line was directly led by the Hefei government, and finally the Hefei New Station Industrial Park was used as a place to carry out relevant industrial policies and funding to meet the cooperation conditions of Visionox; while Shucheng received The processing value of the OLED rear-end module processing part with large output value but low investment capital and relatively simple production technology may be the Huaxia Happiness and Hangyong Industrial Park related to Vision.


Huaxia Happiness Hangyong Industrial Park is positioned as a 100 billion industrial cluster in the Hefei Economic Circle. Based on the “2 Wisdom + 1 High” industrial system, it focuses on the development of “Integrated Circuits, New Energy Vehicles, and Precision Electronics”, and has introduced Walter. The Malaysian Innovation Alliance Shucheng New Energy Automobile Industrial Park is currently working on new display and semiconductor equipment projects.


At present, in the OLED industry, Hefei has a 40 billion OLED project signed by Visionox. It also has a printing OLED industry chain platform led by BOE Investment. It has a total investment of 2 billion yuan in Hefei New Station District. OLED microdisplay project. The silicon-based OLED microdisplay project is located in the Hefei Comprehensive Bonded Zone. It is planned to start moving in September 2018 and put into production in 2019. It is expected to achieve an annual output of 20 million microdisplay devices by 2020, becoming the world's largest silicon-based OLED. Micro display device production base.


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