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Company News >> Northeastern University of Japan developed a super soft LCD curvature radius of up to 3mm 14th,Apr,2017
                                              Super soft new liquid crystal display components not only break through the life limit, up to 3mm radius of curvature to make it suitable for crimpable and foldable applications ...
Researchers at Tohoku University in Japan use ultra-thin inorganic substrates to give new life in traditional LCD technology, developing a super-soft liquid crystal display element that is said to break through life limits and does not happen to be as OLED Due to poor packaging and lead to degradation and other circumstances.
                                   (Hideo Fujikake) and Associate Professor Takahiro Ishinabe, a research team led by Northeastern University's engineering department, re-studied the development of mature and stable LCD materials and replaced the traditional film with a thickness of only a few microns. Thick and hard glass substrate, to overcome the challenges of OLED instability.
LCD material is very cheap, even if the protection of these soft substrate is poor, it will not lead to its performance degradation, but also has a large-size display of the method. Today, the challenge of making a crimpable display is how to avoid problems such as uneven deformation and image distortion due to the liquid-filled fill between the two substrates when the display is bent.
Researchers have developed an ultra-soft liquid crystal element in the form of two ultra-thin transparent polyimide substrates (similar to a wrap-up film of packaged food) having a thickness of about 10 μm and made with a rigid polymer wall gasket Keep isolated.
                                   Such a substrate bonded with a polymer wall gasket is formed by irradiating a twisted liquid crystal layer, including a monomeric element that patternes ultra virescreen via a single layer substrate. This also allows researchers to stabilize ultra-thin substrates with smaller spaced polymer walls.
                                   This ultra-thin polyimide film (left) is formed by the coating and peeling process and has been tested for anti-roll (right) testing for the development of ultra-soft liquid crystal elements.
                                   The researchers also confirmed that even if the curvature of the radius of up to 3mm of the anti-roll test, but also to maintain the uniformity of such components, and not to damage the spacing layer, which is suitable for curl and foldable applications. The researchers also believe that the manufacture of large-size, highly analytical crimpable displays can achieve better yield than OLEDs and create fine pixel structures such as transparent electrodes and color filters on top of these films.

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