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Company News >> BOE: LCD bitterly to the future layout of more flowering 14th,Apr,2017
                                           Calculated Samsung closed L7-1, the global 7-8.6 on behalf of the monthly production capacity fell by nearly 4.5%. 17 years the world's new 8-generation line has 3 to plan the incremental capacity of the area to calculate the increase of the total area of ​​about 1.265 million square meters, excluding Samsung L7-1, next year the global 7-8.6 generation line total output area Only a net increase of 4.1%. It should be emphasized that the downstream panel size increases the capacity of the relative shrinkage than the factory exit to bring the absolute degree of contraction to 32-inch basis for the calculation, panel size increased by 1 inch, then a 8.5-generation line glass substrate can be cut Of the number of panels decreased by about 5.5%; on the other hand, should not be limited to the absolute value of the panel price comparison, LCD price decline is based on the cost reduction on the basis of the manufacturer's net profit margin compared to last year under the same price conditions Has been significantly improved.
LCD display equipment cost-effective highlights
                                In the wave of popularization of smart phones, based on the performance improvement, the appearance of landscaping, brand culture into the marketing means, effectively shortening the consumer's replacement cycle, in the thousands of dollars or even million yuan unit price of smart phone consumption process, step by step Cultivate the consumer's payment habits of 3C products, spending power has gone up. In the domestic panel industry under the support of the rise, the smart TV's cost-effective increasingly prominent, smart TV has become "impulsive purchase" products. Music as the 919 electricity business only 15 minutes super TV total sales will be more than 30,000 units, based on the current brand TV panel inventory, machine inventory level is more healthy to judge the future needs of the downstream demand side of the inventory is expected to support the panel demand boom.
NB panel squeeze LGD to become a leading supplier
                               Mobile phone panel, due to the function machine and the low-end mobile phone is a-Si LCD main application areas, mobile phone display market long tail effect to ensure that the BOE mobile phone LCD panel market space, OLED impact on the LCD more concentrated LTPS market. NB panel, the company in the fourth quarter of this year, large-scale force brand NB market, first into the Apple NB supply chain, in the near future has become a lot of international first-line NB brand panel main supplier, a single month NB panel shipments high, the first Squeeze the LGD boarded NB panel shipments leading. Recent UHD level NB panel new products in power consumption, color, cost and many other technical parameters are leading industry foreign competitors, technical confidence to establish.
Improve the production line of strategic distribution of the future, more flowering
                               In November this year, BOE once again invested 46.5 billion overweight flexible OLED panel. At the same time, the company is accelerating to penetrate the Internet of things, adhere to promote the development of thin film sensors, intelligent systems and intelligent health services business, combined with X-ray applications and TFT technology to achieve part of the transformation of low-generation production line upgrade is expected to quickly achieve product volume shipments The In addition, the company through the acquisition of Hong Kong Jingao International, automotive display products have been cut into many of Europe's top car system enterprise supply chain, the future Aspect many.

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