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Company News >> Apple applied for numerous patents: research folding iPhone

For mobile phone manufacturers, the true full screen is the goal that everyone pursues. Under this premise, some manufacturers have begun new derivatives, such as folding flexible full-screen mobile phones. It is said that Samsung and Huawei are already following up the related products.


Now, the latest patents of the US Patent and Trademark Office show that Apple has a large number of patents related to folding screen iPhones, which are all describing how they can make a truly foldable iPhone.


In addition to applying for related patents, Apple also invested heavily in microLED display technology. Compared to OLED screens, microLED display technology can be used for flexible displays, and it is energy efficient and can reduce the thickness of the display.


Previously, there were rumors in the industry chain that Apple expects to launch an iPhone with a foldable OLED display in 2020. Of course, before the launch, they will choose a reasonable launch time for this market and this type of mobile phone.


Looking forward to the foldable iPhone?

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