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Company News >> Shenzhen Tianma's car display shipments jumped to the third place in the world
According to the latest data released by IHS, the international authority, the shipment of on-board monitors in the first quarter of 2018 is 60% higher than that in the same period of 2017, making it the world's top three fastest growing panel makers for the first time; At the same time, thanks to the rapid growth of Shenzhen Tianma's shipments, the global market share of mainland China panel brands has increased from less than 5% in the past to 19% in the first quarter of 2018. According to the Rising Sun display and touch, in 2017, the company's on-board display has a global market share of about 12%, and the market share of on-board instrument displays exceeds 17%.


Shen Tianma said that the company's shipments of vehicle display products in the second quarter still showed steady growth. Mr. Liu Qingquan, Director of Shenzhen Tianma Marketing Department believes that in small and medium size display products, the use of on-board display will be more and more, including vehicle operation information display, driving safety information display, body control interactive display, vehicle safety information display, entertainment multimedia. Display, remote interactive information display, social information display, etc., will be realized through the display screens with different technical requirements.


He believes that in order to better adapt to the vehicle application scenario, in addition to the display screen area of ​​some car display screens larger than the display screen of smart phones, the display resolution will also increase on the existing basis. If you look at the long-term, flexible display and transparent display technology are likely to be promoted in the field of automotive applications. This will give TDPS LCD capacity and flexible OLED production capacity in advance, which will be very beneficial in the future development of on-board displays.


On-board displays generally have deep customization of the structural design and display content of the products according to different models. Therefore, the on-board display products have a strong product certification cycle, slow product update, small production batch, and long lead time. . The early on-board displays were mainly black and white LCDs, and the display content was generally information about vehicle operation and monitoring parameters, mainly text, numbers and icons.


Later, with the addition of car navigation functions, TFT-LCD displays with higher resolution and refresh rate have also begun to spread from the aftermarket to the pre-installation market. The application of TFT-LCD display on the car display also drives the popularity of multimedia entertainment functions in the field of car display.


With the development of mobile wireless network technology, the Internet of Vehicles technology has been developed by the industry, and has begun to enter into a deep integration with vehicle operation control and evolved toward intelligent driving. The application of the Internet of Vehicles and smart driving technology not only requires the on-board display to display the running condition of the vehicle in real time, but also begins to have the interaction between the person and the car, the car and the car, and the environment between the car and the external environment. On-board displays are also beginning to be developed from basic graphics and to real-time video surveillance and video interactive applications. In-vehicle display technology has also increased the demand for more advanced TFT-LCD displays and OLED displays, or various virtual displays. .


At this stage, TFT-LCD displays have become the mainstream technology of on-board display due to their high performance ratio and low cost. They account for about 60% of the market in all vehicle displays. According to the rough statistics of the Rising Sun display and touch, the global TFT-LCD car display shipments in 2017 are about 150 million, and the shipments in the first half of this year are close to 90 million pieces. It is expected to exceed 1 in the whole year. 800 million pieces, with an annual growth rate of over 20%.


In addition, China has been the world's largest automobile production base and sales market for many years. The automobile production in the next few years will be stable at around 30 million units, making it the world's largest market for automotive display demand, which will benefit Chinese panel companies close to the market. Since the beginning of the previous year, the global Internet of Vehicles technology has made substantial breakthroughs. The car companies are no longer only in the pre-installation market demand for in-vehicle multimedia entertainment systems, and the demand for real car network display pre-loading market has also increased dramatically, especially The central control display product that bears the main display function of the car network.


However, due to the fierce competition in the panel companies in the world, in addition to the close to the market demand, panel manufacturers in mainland China have the ability to expand production, other panel makers are not willing to continue to expand the new panel capacity. Especially in the production capacity of low-generation panels that can adapt to deep-customized products. However, the in-vehicle display's deep customization features have made it less suitable for organizing production with high-generation panel production lines.


At present, the on-board display suppliers on the market are mainly JDI, AUO, Innolux, Sharp, LGD, Shenzhen Tianma, BOE, Huaying, Caijing, and Xinli, but the biggest capacity is Shentianma. And among the above manufacturers, in addition to Shenzhen Tianma, Xinli, Huaying, other manufacturers are shrinking the production capacity of low-generation LCD panel lines.


Shen Tianma Shentian Ma has undertaken the research and development of on-board monitors of most manufacturers around the world. After the industrialization of TFT-LCD products, Shen Tianma leveraged the vehicle technology qualification and sales channels of its Japanese companies to combine its own production capacity for global vehicles. Enterprise service.


This wave of car network display pre-loading needs to focus on the central control display, the central control display from the traditional black and white display to the TFT-LCD display upgrade, but also the original main black and white LCD car display deep Tianma, can directly benefit from product upgrades to TFT-LCD on-board display has become the fastest growing supplier of TFT-LCD vehicle-mounted display in the market. Under the driving of both products and markets, the daily compound growth rate of Shenzhen Tianma’s current TFT-LCD vehicle-mounted display Up to 85%.

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