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Company News >> OLED popularity has become a foregone conclusion? 12th,Apr,2017
                                      VR became hot this year, hot words, even this year's Rio Olympic VR broadcast, this year coincides with the first year of VR, but we discuss the focus of this issue is not VR, but VR in the important components OLED screen. Now even the domestic mobile phones are popular in the OLED, we found that OLED so quietly into our consumption and life.
                             Although the current display area is still the era of LCD protagonist, monitors, mobile phones are basically using the traditional LCD LCD panel, LCD display for many years has always been around the topic, but with the OLED screen gradually spread, it seems higher heat OLED screen has become the industry and consumers have become the focus of attention.
OLED has always been the focus of industry attention
                             In the past OLED has been the focus of attention of the industry, but long-awaited, and now BOE has been identified in Sichuan Province to build a 6th generation AMOLED production line, OLED has been in the domestic panel factory mass production, such a large-scale screen supply Not only the gospel of the manufacturers, the users are carrying the expectations.
OLED to do more thinner than the LCD power
                              Now OLED whether the yield or production costs are to achieve the requirements of large-scale production, can be used as civilian-level consumer market, has been optimistic about the major show giants. OLED is born for the mobile device, the advantages of self-luminous OLED OLED to do more thinner than the LCD power, improve the portability and endurance.
                               Samsung has always been the forerunner of OLED, is one of the few can compete with Apple in the field of display manufacturers, mainly lies in Samsung's AMOLED screen has been the industry's darling, is to display the product's important display components, display long-term Comprehensive beyond the same level of opponent's position, it has been highly respected by users.
                              OLED response than the LCD panel fast, good color performance, light and portable endurance capacity, the future of the VR market will have more OLED products to be supplied, wearing equipment supply, small size OLED panel is the entire industry demand, panel Manufacturers to seize the relevant market is a wise choice. I believe OLED in the near future will be a large area of ​​distribution.

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