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Company News >> Huang Zhang: Meizu 16 uses Samsung Super AMOLED screen, no graininess

Do you think that Meizu will wait until August 8th to open the Meizu 16 series new product launch conference? Perhaps you are wrong. In fact, when the "New Product Launch Conference" first revealed on June 14 that the Meizu 16 was equipped with the Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 processor, it had already begun. However, this conference is a bit long and has not ended yet.


On the 25th, the "Publication" session finally came to the screen. According to Huang Zhang, Meizu 16 series will adopt Samsung Super AMOLED screen, Meizu 16 is 402ppi, 16 Plus is 375ppi, standard RGB arrangement.


For the 375ppi that users are worried about, there will be problems with graininess. Huang Zhang said that there is no graininess. However, compared to a screenshot taken by Huang Zhang before, the system equipped with Meizu 16 may have a gesture-operating crossbar similar to iPhone X at the bottom, so how to avoid the problem of burning the screen is another problem worthy of attention.


Given that the "release" time is a bit long, let's briefly review the previous information:


On June 14, Huang Zhang "staged", the first link is the processor, Meizu 16 will have two versions of Qualcomm Xiaolong 845 and Xiaolong 710;


On June 18th, the “Publication Conference” came to the fingerprint identification section. Huang Zhang introduced that Meizu 16 is equipped with standard screen fingerprints.


On June 19th, Huang Zhang introduced the heat dissipation of the copper tube of Meizu 16;


For some 3.5mm headphone jacks with high voices, Huang Zhang also made a ticket on July 2nd;


On July 4th, Huang Zhang exposed the first official photo of Meizu 16 and the convention was compared with other manufacturers' models.


On July 17, the “Publication Conference” finally came to the photo session. Huang Zhang showed the photo proofs of Meizu 16 and the model was his daughter.


On July 18th, the system was introduced, so Huang Zhang took out a screenshot of the system;


On July 24th, the “listing” date and price were announced.


Before Huang Zhang said that he was just a mobile phone maker, he would not perform or brag, so he would not host the Meizu conference. However, from the current point of view, Huang Zhang’s “hosting” of the Meizu 16 “release conference” is quite successful. After all, the time is so long, the audience is still so much, right?

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