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Company News >> BOE seeks to supply OLED screen for Apple iPhone: competing with Samsung and LG

For BOE, they are now constantly improving the overall quality of their own OLED screens, and in order to attract Apple's attention, and finally into the iPhone's product supply chain.

According to foreign media reports, BOE is seeking to become Apple's future iPhone model OLED screen supplier, if it can add significant significance, in addition to get a good return, but also their OLED screen quality has been recognized by Apple.

Prior to this, BOE supplied the screen for Apple's iPad and MacBook, which was the largest supplier of large-size LCD screens, and they are currently the only Chinese display company that supplies screens for Apple.

The industry generally believes that if BOE can successfully supply OLED screens for the iPhone, this will not only enable it to prove its manufacturing strength through a product that is technically challenging, but also a major victory for China to catch up with South Korea and Japan in the field of advanced display manufacturing.


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