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Company News >> Exposure to Huawei Mate 20 Pro will be equipped with BOE curved screen

The Huawei Mate10 released in October last year is equipped with a 2K LCD screen, while the Mate10 Pro is equipped with an AMOLED screen. The latest report shows that Huawei will make the same decision this year, even further.

According to industry sources, the Mate 20 Pro not only has an OLED screen, but it will also use a curved screen like last year's Mate RS Porsche Design. The source said it will be made by Chinese panel maker BOE (Jing Dong), which is different from the LG screen on Mate RS, and will also be equipped with off-screen fingerprint technology.

It is reported that BOE OLED display is being mass-produced and is ready to be launched in October.

IT House reported that last weekend, the news that Huawei Mate 20 series models will be equipped with Kirin 980 processor, will be equipped with Leica three-photo version, and then with 40W fast charge, Huawei may show again in the second half of 2018 muscle.

According to the news, Kirin 980 will still be produced by TSMC, and will be based on the updated 7nm process.

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