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Company News >> Samsung 2018 full QLED quantum dot TV won't burn screen certification

OLED panel mobile phone / tablet or even TV, there is a headache is the service life, the main performance is whether there is a "burn in (Burn in) phenomenon. In the earliest generations of Galaxy S products, the "short life" of the A screen machine is very distressing for users. In recent years, with the improvement of materials, manufacturing and other processes, it has gradually improved, but the burnt screen is still not cured.

It is precisely because of this that Samsung has repeatedly stressed that it will never consider the introduction of OLED panel TV, but will focus on the development direction of QLED (light quality sub-point) and MicroLED.

QLED TV is Samsung's current main technology, the principle is to use inorganic materials to replace the organic materials in the OLED, thereby significantly improving the durability of the sub-pixel.

Samsung announced on July 12 that all of its 2018 QLED quantum dot TVs have been certified by the German technology magazine video "No Burning Screen". This rigorous test was jointly performed by video and connect Testlab.

Burn in in the context of Samsung, it is called "burning screen", which means that no matter how the image is switched, there are always lingering and sticky pixel traces on the screen, mainly because of watching the same image for a long time or Caused by the scene.

In order to be repeatable, the testing organization designed a 72-hour test method with reference to industry and international standards. The TV under test was in black and white checkerboard mode with varying text and intermittent flicker.

In the static image test, in order to avoid the dead pixels, a dark gray image of 10 nits was also used to detect whether the dark spots are lit.

In the meantime, Samsung QLED TVs did not have problems such as ghosting, ghosting, memory effects, burnt screens, etc., but in the same environment, other brands of TVs could not hold back.

According to video, in theory, Samsung's QLED TV can be permanently powered on without burning.

Previously, the well-known TV evaluation agency Rtings. Com also used the 10-minute image retention method to test the mainstream TV in the market. As a result, Samsung scored full marks on image quality and loss.

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