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Company News >> How to evaluate the statement that BOE is only a production line of Samsung

As a big company with a market value of 100 billion yuan, BOE has received too little respect. It is totally unreasonable to say that BOE is just a production line of Samsung.

Of course, this also has a certain social background. Today, with the high-tech and eye-catching technology attracting attention, the status of manufacturing industry is rather embarrassing. Everyone is very respectful of new concepts and high-profit business models. The cumbersome and disciplined industries like manufacturing are less valued. Even if you are producing BOE, it is a relatively technical content of the display. Therefore, the first point to refute is the positioning of many people in manufacturing. In fact, manufacturing is an extremely central part of an economy. If your design is good enough to be converted into a product, it is equal to zero. In the United States, when the technology is super-class, and the research powers of the world's superpowers are beginning to advocate for the return of manufacturing, as China, which is more dependent on manufacturing, we should pay more attention to our manufacturing industry, respecting our manufacturing practitioners and related business. Depreciating the value of manufacturing enterprises, the status of dwarf manufacturing industry has no benefit for the long-term development of the country and the economic prosperity of the society. For the individual, the shrinking manufacturing industry will bring a serious unemployment crisis. Therefore, the manufacturing industry is said to be the production line of some large enterprises. The guiding ideology of such speech is wrong.

Second, manufacturing companies do not mean that there is no technical content. TSMC, Foxconn, and many manufacturing companies including BOE also have very strong technical strength. Their business model is not as explosive as the information technology companies represented by Internet companies, and the growth will not be particularly fast. However, as a company that can survive in the market, it has its own unique competitiveness. BOE's technical strength is certainly not as good as Samsung's, but since BOE can survive in the market, it shows that this company has a place that Samsung is difficult to replace, which is enough. How can we produce things in a predetermined way, how to ensure the yield rate, how to improve production efficiency, etc., are all ways for companies to generate market advantages, and not just technology. Technology is naturally important, very core, but technology is not all. Enterprise personnel management, quality control system, inventory turnover speed, etc. will affect the survival competitiveness of a company. BOE's technology may be replaced by Samsung, but BOE as a company, Samsung can't replace it. In addition to market factors, BOE as a Chinese company will certainly have certain advantages in the Chinese market, and BOE has made good use of these advantages to grow its own. Therefore, BOE is a large-scale enterprise and has a unique competitiveness. Comparing it to a production line of Samsung, it is completely undesirable. As a good foundry, does Foxconn have no meaning in existence? What's more, BOE is not just a foundry.

Finally, once again, design and technology are important, but they are not the whole of the enterprise. Manufacturing may not be cool, but manufacturing is important. BOE is a large company with a market value of 100 billion yuan. Its role is far from being replaced by a production line or a part of Samsung. Please give the Chinese manufacturing companies the necessary respect.

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