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Company News >> HKUST develops new LCD monitors to reduce power consumption

Recently, the research team of the State Key Laboratory of Advanced Display and Optoelectronic Technology of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has developed a new type of liquid crystal display that can greatly improve resolution and save power, and can be used in mobile phones and tablets.

The display was developed by Guo Haicheng, a professor of the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering at the University of Science and Technology, and his team, called "Active Driven Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display." The color filter in the conventional liquid crystal display consumes about 70% of the energy, and accounts for about 30% of the manufacturing cost of the liquid crystal display. The "active-drive ferroelectric liquid crystal display" replaces the color filter with a new field sequential color display technology, so power consumption and cost can be reduced.

The backlight system of field sequential color display technology is different from the general liquid crystal display on the market. The new system has a narrow spectrum and a wide color range, which improves the color saturation of the field sequential color display technology and improves the resolution by 3 times.

Professor Guo Haicheng said that the field sequential color display technology can effectively save electricity. The production process is the same as that of the traditional liquid crystal display, but the production cost is lower than that of the conventional display screen, and it is expected to be available in one year.

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