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Company News >> Samsung 8K resolution QLED TV panel will introduce new light guiding process
The QLED quantum dot is the panel technology of Samsung TV, because the Korean giant believes that OLED burn-in, high manufacturing cost can not be solved in large size. The principle is to replace the organic matter in the OLED luminescent material with inorganic substances, thereby improving the life and reducing the cost.
According to Digitimes, Samsung's QLED TV will be upgraded and introduced QDoG (QD on Glass), which is to replace the light guide plate of the backlight module from the quantum dot light guide film (QDFF) to the glass substrate.
As a result, the manufacturing cost can be further reduced, and the TV can be made thinner.
At present, Samsung outsources QDFF to Hansol chemical production. In the future, MNtech and Glotec will replace it into the Samsung supply chain and be responsible for QDoG.
Due to the increase in demand for glass materials, Samsung will increase its purchases from Japan's Asashi Glass and Corning.
In addition, the report mentioned that the new process also helped Samsung launch the 8K QLED panel.

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