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Company News >> OLED Weekly: Apple Samsung eat most of the production panel supply tight 10th,Apr,2017
                                              China's OLED panel business is located only after Samsung and LG, located in the international second echelon, the future rise of the possibility of large; the rise of domestic panel enterprises will lead the rapid development of domestic materials enterprises. OLED transmission and luminescent materials enterprises focus on Wanrun shares, Puyang Huicheng, strong new material; OLED water vapor barrier film focus on Kang was new, Wanshun shares; polyimide (PI) substrate focused on the times of new materials, Dan State Technology. The current OLED theme market is still lack of catalyst, we expect the 2017 Apple mobile phone using OLED and the second half of the BOE OLED panel production line will be two major catalyst, is expected to bring the plate to start.
Plate trend:
                                  This week, OLED plate Lanshi slightly to 6.33% rise, South Light, Jin Fu technology and ultrasonic electronics were 5.8%, 4.79% and 4.63% rise in two to four. Dafu Technology, deep Tianma A, Dongxu photoelectric flat, Wanrun shares fell 3.44%, the largest decline. Over the past 12 months, the cumulative increase in electronic electrons 65.06%, topped the list, Oufei light, in Ying Electronics, Puyang Hui Cheng and Leybold Gaoke rose among the two to five. Longhua energy consumption fell the most, reaching 11.15%.
Company News:
                                  Rainbow shares issued 2016 annual report, the reporting period to achieve attributable to the parent company's net profit of -272,512,517.21 yuan, during the reporting period, although the number of liquid crystal glass substrate sales increased significantly compared with the previous year, but with There are some gaps in the business objectives set by the board of directors. The main reason on the one hand due to the beginning of the Taiwan earthquake affected the company's product sales and new certification progress, the other part of the company in the first half of the product in the customer certification stage, failed to achieve mass sales.
Industry News:
                                  It is reported that OLED leading Samsung Electronics, roughly in 2017 production of 300 million OLED panels, but in the priority supply to their own products and Apple, probably only left 50 million to other manufacturers. If you add the total global OLED output, Samsung and Apple will eat 83.33%.

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