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Company News >> Microsoft email leak: dual-screen Surface Phone plans to be released this year
Microsoft has developed a new mysterious Surface device for at least two years, codenamed Andromeda. The device has previously appeared in patents, reports, and operating system references several times and will use a dual-display design. According to Microsoft's internal documentation obtained by the foreign media The Verge, it will be a portable Surface device.
Microsoft described its Andromeda project as something quietly hatched inside the company and will create a "new and destructive" device category to influence the overall Surface roadmap and blur the line between PCs and mobile devices. "This is a new portable Surface device form factor that combines innovative hardware and software experiences to create a truly personalized and multi-functional computer experience," said Microsoft's internal description of the device.
Microsoft introduced Surface RT and Surface Pro six years ago as a new device category to challenge tablets and laptops. Surface Pro has successfully invaded the market for laptops and tablets, and Microsoft’s Andromeda is the next major bet for mobile phones and personal computer fit devices.
Andromeda is still under secret development within Microsoft, and its wrap-around display will cover the hinge gap when the device is fully open. Microsoft has also been experimenting with Andromeda's stylus input so that the device can be folded like a book and the pen can be used for recording. Microsoft also tested the ARM processor inside the prototype device, but it is unclear whether the company will continue to cooperate with Intel or Qualcomm to develop the final device.
People familiar with Microsoft’s Andromeda’s work warned that the company may cut the project at any time. Microsoft had previously developed a "Surface Mini" device similar to Notepad, which was cut a few weeks before launch.
Microsoft views Andromeda as a response to the failure of Windows Phone. "It will blur the line between mobile and fixed computing," said an internal file describing the device. Microsoft plans to release Andromeda for the time being in 2018. Some similar equipment from Microsoft's top original equipment manufacturers will be "launched later."
Intel is also working on a similar dual-screen device that will use Microsoft's Andromeda software ecosystem. Intel has developed prototype devices with dual monitors and electronic paper displays (EPDs) and shared reference designs with OEM partners. Asustek and Lenovo are developing devices inspired by the Intel concept, and at least one device will be available later this year.

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