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Company News >> Samsung may not be able to complete 350 million mobile phone targets Chinese market share less than 1%
On June 21, South Korean media quoted informed sources that Samsung Electronics may not be able to achieve its 350 million smartphone sales target this year.
It is reported that, initially, Samsung's smart phone sales target for 2018 was 320 million units, but due to the strong booking momentum of the new-generation flagship smart phone Galaxy S9 in the first quarter of this year, Samsung has increased its smartphone sales target to 3. 500 million. However, according to current sources, sales of the Galaxy S9 are lower than expected, coupled with Samsung's sluggish business in the Chinese market, the sales target of 350 million units is now difficult to achieve.
In fact, the sales target of 350 million units is also higher than Samsung’s actual mobile phone sales in the past few years. According to research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung’s smartphone sales were 31.97 million units in 2015 and 3.094 in 2016. Billion Ministry, sales volume in 2017 was 319.8 million units, and sales volume was approximately 78 million units in the first quarter of this year.
Noh Geun-chang, an analyst at South Korea’s investment company HMC Investment & Securities, expects that Samsung’s smart phone sales in the second quarter of this year will be only about 73 million due to poor performance of the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.
For this reason, Samsung Electronics’ mobile phone division’s profit in the second quarter of this year may also disappoint investors. Both investment companies Shinhan Investment and Korea Investment & Securities expect Samsung’s smartphone division’s operating profit to reach 2.3 trillion won in the second quarter, down 43.3% year-on-year.
In an open report, when the smart phone was just emerging, Samsung had once occupied the top position in China's mobile phone market with its industry-leading technology and product strategy. In 2013, it captured nearly 20% of the market share. However, in recent years, with the global smartphone market demand becoming saturated, coupled with China's mobile phone manufacturers continue to introduce high-cost products, resulting in Samsung and Apple are experiencing market demand in the doldrums. Last year, Samsung’s market share has dropped to less than 1%. Apple’s market share in China has also declined in recent years. According to a report released by the market research company Canalys, Apple currently ranks fifth in the Chinese market with a market share of approximately 8%.
It is said that due to the competition between Chinese manufacturers and Apple's companies, Samsung's mobile phone executives have asked the sales team to make every effort to promote mobile phone sales growth. In order to revitalize the Chinese market, Samsung had also exchanged blood for the high-level office of the China Office and conducted business simplifications, including announcing the withdrawal of the seven major branches in China, and turning into 26 offices, at the executive, junior, and vice presidential level. The leader becomes head of each office.
Gao Dongzheng, president of Samsung’s mobile communications division, once stated that China has always been one of Samsung’s most important strategic markets. As long as Samsung sticks to the launch of excellent products and services, regaining the trust of Chinese consumers “will come sooner or later”.

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