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Company News >> Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent an inquiry letter to seven questions LeTV
On June 25th, three days after held its 2017 annual general meeting of shareholders, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange sent an inquiry letter requesting to explain seven issues including the existence of a situation that may trigger the suspension of the listing of the company that may trigger a negative net asset.
The inquiry letter stated that media reports recently stated that at the 2017 annual shareholder meeting, your company’s directors and senior executives issued “About the unlisted company system debt problem. The company communicated and communicated with the non-listed company system and achieved certain progress. The official agreement has not yet been signed. "About the debts of listed companies that are about to expire in July and August of this year, the company is actively communicating with financial companies and has made certain progress." The Ministry expressed concern about this and asked your company to explain the following issues:
1. Explain the progress of the settlement of your company's debt related to the non-listed company system. Is there a clear work schedule?
2. Please report to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs your debt details as of the end of August, including the main body of liabilities, the amount of liabilities, the maturity date, interest rates, interest burden, financing purposes, etc., and additional disclosures as of the current total debt of the company and debts. Type, whether there is overdue debt.
3. Details of the progress of your company's communication with creditors, including repayment plans, rollovers, and other issues. In conjunction with the company's assets and cash flow, the company's debt repayment plans, funding sources, and financing arrangements are available. Debt risk and countermeasures.
4. Please combine your company and Levision’s holding of new shares of Le Rongzhi’s equity pledges, the new Lever’s new capital agreement and the articles of association, the composition of Lovo Zhixin’s board of directors, and the management team’s composition, etc. to verify the new controls Whether the rights will change, and the impact of the company's new listings on the company, including the impact of major financial indicators such as assets, income, and profits, as well as the impact on the company's business operations and cooperation model, and provide sufficient risk tips.
5. Specific progress in the cooperation between your company and Tencent, Jingdong and other strategic partners, the specific impact on the company's business operations and financial performance, and the progress of the above-mentioned strategic partner's contribution to the new capital increase of the company.
6. Combine with your company's current production and operating conditions and financial status to indicate whether there may be circumstances that may trigger the suspension of the listing because it may trigger a negative net asset.
7. Other situations that your company believes need to be explained. Ask your company to make a written statement on the above issues, and submit the explanatory materials to our department before July 4.
At the general meeting of shareholders on June 22, Liu Shuqing, chairman of LeTV, stated that the management is currently actively working to reactivate the company's core business. Tencent, Jingdong, and other partners introduced are currently cooperating in the development phase. The development of a new generation of LeTV Super TV is nearing completion and will be available in the second half of the year.


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