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Company News >> To increase the proportion of screens, mobile phone manufacturers have made many efforts
In 2018, this is the year that smartphones have been moving toward full screen. I do not know when they started. The impact of smartphones on screen share is very large. The stereotyped and functional ones are roughly similar. Different and full of various black technologies can also bring more differentiated experiences to consumers.
The “full screen concept” promoted in the market is currently mainly represented by two types of performance. One is a special-shaped comprehensive screen headed by iPhone X, and the other is a full-thick screen represented by the Xiaomi MIX series. However, the use of these two designs will be more or less in the use of some of the obstacles, coupled with such a non-extreme overall screen design also allows users to urgently hope that the true full-screen design quickly appeared.
In the path of smart phone upgrades, the authors would not have imagined that VIVO and OPPO have allowed the mobile phone to go to another peak in the era of full screen. From the earliest millet MIX, a comprehensive screen trend was created. iPhone X brought all the users with Liu Haiping. The way to the road. The recently released “Zero World Full Screen” mobile phone has attracted many people's attention with stunning shapes and numerous black technologies.
1. Hologram Symphony Technology Inspired by Nature's Fritillaria
Not long ago, VIVO launched a vivo NEX mobile phone. In order to meet our full awareness of the internal screen products, the machine also made the same transition curve in the R corner of the screen around the screen, making the overall vision of the phone The unity is very strong. And all the changes in the appearance of the mobile phone in the vivo NEX are all around this zero screen.
Compared with "traditional mobile phones," Vivo chose to use a micro-vibration unit to drive the entire screen to sound, making the entire screen a sound unit, compared to other solutions used by other mobile phone manufacturers, such as vivo NEX. The sound leaks the least, and the secret is the strongest. This is the “full-screen sound technology”.
In order to allow users to experience a truly comprehensive screen, VIVO uses a lifting front camera. As its name implies, the front camera moves up and down from the location of the mobile phone's frame to achieve functional operation. VIVO has embedded a set of precision control lift front camera inside the mobile phone. The micro-drive system, which includes a micro-stepping motor with a thrust of up to 500 g, is equipped with an independent drive IC and proprietary control algorithm, and is driven by a complete set of micro-motion systems to achieve precise lifting and lowering of the camera.
Comments: The real realization of a comprehensive screen design, mobile phone manufacturers have been working hard, this high-end flagship both hard and soft, comes with a unique full-screen zero screen, lifting proactive, full-screen vibration sound and other unique features, the problem of homogenization In the case of a serious mobile phone industry, there is no doubt that a shot has been made. For users, this unprecedented breakthrough product is quite deterrent.
2. Surface panorama screen Two-rail periscope structure design
For VIVO's launch of vivo NEX in the screen share has exceeded 90% to 91.24%, the surrounding frame is also very narrow, very shocking visual. But this OPPO OPPO Find X once again let our users brighten up, with its 93.8% of ultra-high screen ratio in one fell swoop to become the current smartphone screen accounted for the highest percentage of mobile phones.
This is a mobile phone that OPPO called "Surface Panoramic Screen", and also uses a dual-rail periscope structure design, integrating front and rear lenses and 3D structure light and other components on the structure, unlocking the face, Raise when photographing and other operations, hide when not needed, keep the integrity of the whole machine.
Even more powerful is that such a full screen design style will not be affected by the screen share, not only to support face recognition technology, but also support O-Face 3D structured light technology, and cooperate with Alipay to support O-Face face payment . In addition, O-Face 3D structured light also supports front self-portrait portrait light effects, Omoji 3D expressions and self-timer 3-HDR 2.0, as well as AI smart scene recognition.
Comments: OPPO this time the design idea is "beautiful", so there is a slightly more complex lifting module. This is a great innovation in engineering structure and craftsmanship. Apart from products, it is also an improvement of the brand. Of course, the Find series has been returning for many years, and there has been an increase in beliefs.
3, full screen design Samsung COP packaging technology
iPhone X may be the only mobile phone with a bottom border and a width equal to the left and right sides of the phone. Even the vivo NEX or OPPO Find X has a very narrow chin, but it still exists. Apple can do this, mainly because of Samsung's COP packaging technology, can be on the screen chip, cable and other parts of the screen by folding into the bottom of the screen.
Thanks to the unique COP packaging technology of Samsung's flexible OLED screens, the iPhone X compresses the four sides of the phone to the extreme. Its backboard is not a glass but a flexible material. It only needs to fold back the backplane directly on the basis of the COG packaging process. The screen of the COP packaging process can achieve true four sides without borders.
However, only OLED screens can be used to package the COP. In addition, it also causes the thickness of the mobile phone to increase. The thickness of the users who have used the iPhone X mobile phone can obviously be very thick. Of course, from the perspective of removing the chin and increasing the proportion of the screen, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

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