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Company News >> Samsung launches a QLED sub quality TV
TV has been with us for many years, from black-and-white TV, to color TV, to high-definition, now on the TV market, there have appeared a bunch of full-HDTV, ultra-high-definition TV, 2K TV, 4K TV, etc. People look confused. Recently, Samsung introduced a QLED sub-dot TV, which is said to be less realistic.
In the UHD (Ultra HD) television era is the mainstream of the market, the quality of the criteria for judging also continues to develop. This means that Samsung TV must strictly ensure that QLEDs not only meet the specifications in terms of performance, but also meet the needs of real-life applications. In fact, Samsung TV's 2018 QLED sub quality point TV not only continued its performance in brightness, but also achieved the highest level of contrast by enhancing the display quality of the screen for black. In order to provide a more accurate contrast, Samsung TV QLEDs adopt a new Direct Full Array technology to place the LED (Light Emitting Diode) that emits backlight behind the panel, making it more accurate. Brightness control. By increasing the number of LED color patches to more than ten times that of ordinary televisions, independent adjustment of light is achieved, showing a more subtle difference between different darkness levels.
In addition, Samsung TV is also committed to upgrading HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology by expanding its ecosystem. HDR is an indispensable feature for Ultra HDTV. Samsung TV has been developing HDR10+ since last year. The HDR10+ is more advanced than the HDR10 HDR video standard. Dynamic Tone Mapping technology can use different contrast for each scene. With this technology, the HDR10+ enables the best contrast in every scene.
This year, the quality of QLED sub-dial TV has greatly improved in the picture quality, and it has won wide acclaim from a large number of media organizations including Tech Radar, What Hi-Fi and AVS Forum. Trusted Reviews rated Samsung TV's QLED TV as "Highly Recommended," and said: "Among the TVs I have reviewed over the years, Samsung TV QE65Q9FN has left me the most impressive impression. It not only possesses QLED's bright image quality and brilliant colors, but also possesses OLED's deep black and accurate brightness, taking into account that consumers usually have to choose between the two display technologies mentioned above, QLED light quality sub-dots Television has a huge advantage."
Doochan Eum, vice president of electronic video display division of Samsung TV, said: “With the increasing size of TVs, the competition for high-end picture quality is becoming increasingly fierce, and the performance of fine-rendering the picture will become more and more important. Samsung TV QLED Light Quality Satellite TV will continue to provide consumers with a superior immersive viewing experience by enhancing performance in terms of brightness, contrast and content."
Television is a must-have appliance for each of our families. Its role is not only to show us the basic plot of the TV drama, but also to open up a new wide horizon for us to take us to where we have never been. If you choose, which one will you choose?

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