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Company News >> South Korea Airport LG OLED TV Burning Event Follow-up: Has been Replaced by LCD
In early May, ZDNet reported that an OLED screen used to display information on flight departures and stops appeared in the Miler Club of South Korea’s Incheon Airport’s Korean Air.
This "wonderful" TV comes from LG. Even more surprising is that it is a new 2018, installed in January. To know that LG's commitment to its OLED TV is 30,000 hours without burning, that is, watching 8 hours a day, you can watch 10 years.
Informed sources said that this burnt white strip mainly separates the title and the information on the departure of the flight below. Although the title and the content often switch, the white strip has not changed and is always displayed. This may cause burns. The screen arrives ahead of schedule.
Subsequently, LG urgently responded that this is an example that has been fixed by software algorithms (related reports).
However, ZDNet reported today that the burned-out TV in the lounge has now been replaced with a Super Ultra HD LCD model, which is changing from an OLED panel model to an LCD panel model.
According to statistics, at the beginning of the year, LG installed more than 40 OLED TVs in 29 lounges of Incheon Airport's Terminal 2 to promote 2018 new OLED TVs.

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