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Company News >> TPK-KY fights Apple's new machine in the second half of the year to bring back temperature and push nano-silver touch
Touch panel maker TPK-KY Hao Hong following the first quarter of this year, revenue, gross profit, profit fell simultaneously, despite the April camp recovered, but the company's second quarter views are still conservative, mainly due to customers in the new listing Before may also adjust the old model inventory. It is expected that the second quarter will be the trough this year. In the second half of the year, driven by new customer products, the operation is expected to increase significantly.
In addition to existing touch technology products, TPK-KY focuses on future flexible displays and large-size display business opportunities. In recent years, TPK-KY has continued to invest in the development of nano-silver touch technology and has mastered conductive materials from the previous segment (investment in Cambrios). After the module technology. The company believes that this year will be the first year of nano-silver touch. It is expected that new products will be launched this year and will begin to sprout next year. In the initial stage, electronic whiteboards, video equipment, and educational applications will be promoted first.
In addition, the current automotive application touch panel accounted for about 4% of TPK-KY revenue, the last two years have gradually contacted the European frontline customers, including the dual B brand have begun shipping, due to the long life of automotive products, market demand is relatively Stability, the US Department of the customer will also have growth in the future, the target of this year's car touch screen is expected to exceed 5%.
According to the company's statement, TPK-KY has the opportunity to jump back and forth this year. The main reason is that customers will continue to adjust the old model inventory before the launch of the new model. Therefore, the second quarter may be bottom and single quarter revenue does not rule out quarterly reductions. Two-digit range, the industry may also face loss pressure, in the second half of the customer's new model driven by the supply chain, revenue is expected to significantly warmer.
Among them, the new OLED screen mobile phone will continue to use pressure sensors, but the price of the new model of the new LCD touch panel is relatively high, so even though the shipment of LCD screen models may be relatively large, Lower profit contribution.
TPK-KY’s revenue for the year was approximately NT$107.2 billion (the same below), an increase of 20%.
The first quarter of this year was less affected by seasonal factors and working days. The single-quarter revenue fell to 20.85 billion yuan, and the quarterly decrease was more than 30%. The decrease in capacity utilization rate and the decline in gross profit margin also contributed to the fact that there was an industry out of the same period last year. The disposal of assets will attract more attention and the base period will be higher. This year's earnings will be dominated by the industry. Therefore, the first quarter earnings per share will be 0.17 yuan, a record low of 6 quarters. In April of this year, the camp’s recovery has increased to 6.64 billion yuan, a monthly increase of 9.3%, and an annual increase of 2.3%.
As for the estimated depreciation expense of approximately RMB 6.8 billion this year, it is expected to decrease by approximately RMB 1 billion from last year. At the same time, the reduction in the number of employees will also reduce operating expenses by approximately 10% compared with last year, which will be the result of gross profit margin and profitability of the industry. Or less helps.

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