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Company News >> Q3 will launch a new generation of ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology products
In the blink of an eye, by mid-2018, the mobile phone circle has ushered in a large screen of fingerprint mobile phones, such as vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, and other fingerprint mobile phones have been released. In the future, there will be more fingerprint mobile phones released under the screen, fingerprints under the screen has become the mainstream way to unlock the current mobile phone!
Following the outbreak of a full screen, fingerprints under the screen ushered in a period of concentrated outbreaks. At the same time, more and more chip makers and panel makers have laid out their fingerprints on the screen to try to seize market heights and gain market dividends.
Q3 will launch a new generation of ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology products
GIS-KY, as a touch maker, is the main supplier of Apple touch panel, mainly for iPhone 3D Touch, iPad series tablet and MacBook series of notebook touch panel and panel rear module (LCM ). According to media reports, Yee Sung also joined the Ultrasonic Fingerprint R&D camp, and the product with the fingerprint identification technology under the ultrasonic screen will soon be unveiled!
According to the latest news of CNA, on June 5th, Apple’s chairman Zhou Xianying of the touch panel supply business after a meeting of shareholders told reporters that the third quarter will introduce a new generation of ultrasonic fingerprint identification technology products.
In fact, in October last year, the media reported that the industry had joined hands with Qualcomm to develop ultrasonic fingerprinting technology and had already achieved success. Industry Development revealed at the time that it had developed a 1.3mm-thick ultrasonic fingerprinting module together with Qualcomm. The 1.3mm thickness can include the thickness of the flexible AMOLED screen plus the thickness of the protective glass. The thickness is very thin and the penetrating power is extremely high. Good, very competitive.
It is worth mentioning that there are rumors that Huawei Mate 11, which will be released in September, will use Qualcomm's ultrasonic fingerprinting program, and Qualcomm’s partners in this technology also include touch-control factory and Chengdu-based Ofei Technology. Rumors are true, no doubt industry and Ophelia will take advantage of Huawei's LCD screen fingerprint module supply chain.
At the same time, there are Korean media reports, is expected to be released in January-February next year, Samsung S10, set to carry Qualcomm's ultrasound screen fingerprint identification program. According to the cooperation between Qualcomm and Qualcomm, if Huawei's Mate11 and Samsung S10 are equipped with Qualcomm's Ultrasonic Fingerprint Identification program, then the industry will rely on its close cooperation with Qualcomm, or it will be a big part of it. possible! In this way, in addition to the touch panel industry, in the fingerprint market, the industry will occupy a pivotal position!
At present, there are mainly three methods for fingerprint recognition under the screen, namely, capacitive, optical and ultrasonic. Because of the differences in the recognition principle and performance, the latter two have better recognition effects and are also used by mobile phone manufacturers. In this regard, Zhou Chengying, chairman of Industry, believes: "General fingerprint recognition under the screen can only do ultrasonic and optical touch, optical fingerprint recognition with different resolution organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel may interfere, even fingers Both dry and wet may be affected, so ultrasonic technology is more advantageous."
In addition, he also said: "Ultrasound fingerprint identification technology under the screen, due to thickness sensing problems, mainly used in thin OLED panels, including cover 0.5mm, OLED thickness 0.1 to 0.2mm, the two together About 0.7mm; the LCD panel is too thick to be sensed."
According to the mobile phone newspaper online, currently only Qualcomm is a manufacturer of ultrasound-based fingerprinting solutions, but there are rumors that Samsung and Apple have also joined the Ultrasonic Fingerprints R&D camp, and the research and development of optical screen fingerprinting plans have a meeting point. , Xinsi, Apple and many others. It can thus be seen that under the ultrasound screen fingerprint market, YE Cheng has reached a strategic alliance with Qualcomm and has taken advantage of advanced technology and partners. Its future market competitiveness will not be underestimated!
Industry revenue growth of Q1 has increased by 20.44%. Fingerprint products under the screen has become a strong force for future revenue growth.
According to the statistics of operating income for the most recent 12 months (accumulated and current month), the revenue generated by the industry in the first five months of 2018 was NT$9,302 million, RMB5.33 billion and RMB7.094 billion, respectively. , 7.937 billion yuan, 8.006 billion yuan, the cumulative revenue in the first five months of NT 37.869 billion yuan, of which, the first month of the industry revenue hit a record high in the first month of the year, and an increase of 71. 77%. For the year-on-year increase in revenue, the industry’s main reason was the increase in market demand.

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