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Company News >> The World Cup in Russia is about to be passionately staged Home appliance companies are also completely "burning"?
We all know that the 2018 World Cup in Russia will officially kick off from June 14th to July 15th. This is not only the first time that the World Cup will be held in Eastern Europe, but it will also be an excellent platform for the dark sports marketing.
In fact, the reason is also very simple, with the help of popular sports marketing, which will increase its own brand to a global height, this deal is still a lot of home appliances companies flock. Recently, Hisense Gaojin won the official sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup in 2018. It has attracted intense attention. It has reached 100 million U.S. dollars and appeared in the Wanda World Cup in 2018 with the Wanda Frame. It was really heroic. After all, the top sponsors of the World Cup have been in the past. U.S. brands dominate the world and it is clear that by 2018 this situation has changed.
In fact, apart from Hisense, Changhong, TCL, Gree, Midea, Skyworth, and Konka all have raised the banner of sports marketing. They have either signed the Belgian national team, or have teamed up with Neymar and other sports stars, or bid for venue projects. What is this in the end? Is it really worth the money to be spent on sports that we are not particularly good at?
Undoubtedly, sports is now the world's most space-growing industry, and it is a healthy, dynamic, and positive platform. As the hot concept of the Chinese market in the past two years, sports is a well-deserved enthusiasm. Even if it rises to the global level, sports as the sport's special charm and powerful appeal are almost always the focus.
Of course, Chinese home appliance companies compete for resources in the competition, and their appeal is far more than just “showing a face” or simply the atmosphere of China’s sports marketing. More importantly, these home appliance companies tease their efforts in sports marketing as part of their international brand remodeling combo boxing.
It is clear that the competition in the domestic appliance industry has shown a trend of enthusiasm. "The wolf is less meat," and home appliance companies want to become bigger and stronger. Exploring the international market has become a necessary path for domestic brands. Therefore, companies do not hesitate to invest huge amounts of money in sponsoring top-level events and open overseas markets in the most straightforward manner.
In response, Zhang Jianfeng, deputy secretary-general of the China Household Electrical Appliances Commerce Association, said: "The struggle behind the white giants is a manifestation of intensified competition in the industry. With strong brand strength and numerous resources, companies can gain an advantage in profits and reputation. There is bound to be fierce competition around these advantageous resources."
However, when it comes back, it is a great effort to win the sports marketing, but how to make good use of sports marketing to make up for the shortcomings of “good locals and difficult overseas”? How to avoid excessive investment in sports marketing? How to realize income in sports industry? This is a challenge.
Sports marketing is actually a big one, but this is not a short-lived short-term behavior, but it requires long-term, continuous strategic planning. It also seems to indicate that if you want to use sports marketing to open up the international market, you will need to continue to strengthen the brand. The construction of marketing system.
It is difficult to turn back the bow. From this point of view, the emergence of Chinese home appliance companies in the world's top sports feasts is just a beginning. In the future we will also see more home appliance companies accelerate the pace of "sea", sports marketing is a breakthrough, it will inevitably become a large number of home appliances companies Part of the competition for resources.

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