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Company News >> "Antenna Gate" and development costs ultimately affect the design of the iPhone's body
The industry's demand for smart phone dual glass body, the biggest power is basically derived from smart phone antenna signal transceiver efficiency. Among them, Apple has solved the impact of the "antenna door" incident on the iPhone 4 and adopted a dual glass body on the upgraded version of the iPhone 4S to solve the serious flaw in the most basic communication functions caused by the occlusion of signals for no reason, thus creating a far-reaching smartphone. classic design.
"Antenna Door" Affects Selection and Design of Body Material for iPhone Phones
After several hours of iPhone 4 release on June 24th, 2010, there were U.S. netizens posting news on professional forums, claiming that this brand-new smart phone called “change everything” had huge flaws in the most basic communication issues. iPhone4 proud of the border antenna design when the user hands tightly when the handheld, the mobile network signal will be completely attenuated in minutes to the level of unable to talk.
Apple Inc. has uniquely integrated the iPhone 4's mobile phone antenna and frame with a new glass and stainless steel casing. This unusual design makes the iPhone 4 more elegant and beautiful. However, the iPhone 4 has a significant flaw in one of the most basic technologies: once the user presses the hand-held device, (in fact, he or she accidentally holds the bezel and cuts off the leucorrhea), forming an antenna with the stainless steel case. The shield effect will cause the iPhone 4 signal reception quality to decline.
At the iPhone 4S conference, Apple executives talked about this issue with only one sentence. They pointed out that the iPhone 4S is equipped with dual antennas outside the body and can perform intelligent signal switching between each other to ensure that the mobile phone transmits and receives data. Ability to prevent calls from being interrupted.
In fact, Apple's other major change in the iPhone 4S is the adoption of a dual-glass body design. Although this change does not completely solve the antenna signal attenuation problem, it has significantly improved compared to the similarly designed iPhone 4. The addition of Apple's antenna design from a three-segment single-antenna design to a four-segment dual-antenna smart work design also prevents users from inadvertently touching the border antenna at the leucorrhea.
In fact, iPhone 4S did not completely trust the glass case. In order to prevent the glass from accidentally falling and breaking, affecting the service life of the mobile phone and the occurrence of unexpected incidents, Apple just put a thin layer of glass on the outside of the plastic case. However, when it comes to the iPhone 5 mobile phone era, Apple’s dual-antenna design is further advanced. To support the 4G LTE multi-antenna system, the iPhone 5 metal back adopts a three-stage design. The upper and lower parts are ceramic and glass, which is also to prevent the metal from shielding electromagnetic waves. Design must make compromises. Of course, in order to ensure that the glass of the mobile phone is protected from accidental drop of the mobile phone, the life span of the mobile phone and the occurrence of accidental accidents, Apple only uses a small area of ​​ceramic and glass on both ends of the antenna at the border of the frame.
The introduction of "no mold design" completely changed the smartphone body industry
Apple began to use the "no-die design solution" on smartphones from the iPhone 5, that is, structural components that can be machined using CNC numerical control lathes, all of which are no longer used in the past such as open mold injection, stamping, etc. A large amount of pre-mold development costs and tolerances adaptation time, and secondly, more flexible design of their own products. Even if the iPhone 5C's case is made of plastic material, Apple's final size still requires the use of CNC lathes to complete the processing.
In the era of iPhone 6\iPhone7, Apple led the entire smart phone market with its all-metal body. Apple has extended the process of separating the leucorrhea of ​​the mobile phone frame to the entire upper and lower parts of the mobile phone shell, separating the mobile phone case and leaving it up and down. Two part antenna signal path section. The advantage of this design is that the integrity of the body of the Apple is very good, that is, the antenna signal is not affected, but also laid the foundation for the life of Apple's mobile phone size increases, but also allows Apple's mobile phone can better deal with waterproof problem.
In the post-iPhone 8 stage, in order to realize the wireless charging function, Apple also meets the 4G+ network and the dual-channel WIFI and the new Bluetooth standard. Apple once again learns from the previous antenna placement of the iPhone 4 and places some antennas from the narrower inside of the frame. Return to the upper and lower small board positions. At this time, the all-metal body design can not meet the requirements of the mobile phone antenna signal path and wireless charging signal path, or cut the metal in all the antenna signal overflow parts, and embed non-metallic materials such as Glass and ceramics are either completely replaced with other non-metallic materials such as glass and ceramics.
However, after Apple's iPhone 8 chassis design, Apple still follow the iPhone 4S design ideas, that is, all the structural parts of the stainless steel sheet processed in the liner, and hollowed out the antenna signal and wireless charging signal path section, Apply a 2.5D thin glass on the outside.
Due to the current processing of non-metal materials such as glass and ceramics, most of them are implemented using CNC machine tools, which are in good agreement with the concept of “no mold design” advocated by Apple. Therefore, Apple’s selection of metal and non-metal materials There is not much exclusion. The biggest problem that can attract it is whether it can achieve "performance leadership!"
Domestic mobile phones started from the 4G era and fully replicated Apple's design ideas
After smartphones entered the 4G era, due to the increasingly stringent tests on the materials and performance of various parts of mobile phones, many domestic mobile phones have no technology, effort, and cost to conduct a large number of component testing projects. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, smart phone consumption has also entered the era of explosive goods, direct copy of the structural design ID, not only can quickly attract the attention of consumers, and then enter the price comparison mode, but also save a lot Unnecessary R&D costs and quality risks.
In particular, after Apple entered the age of all-metal fuselage, the concept of "no mold design" of Apple's mobile phones not only greatly reduced the difficulty of designing and developing smart phones, but also changed the design of smartphones based on market information. Save a lot of mold design costs, structural design costs, component inventory costs and quality control costs. Of course, one of the most important reasons is to speed up the market for smart phones and to capture market opportunities faster.
Therefore, after the concept of non-mold design solutions was widely promoted in smart phones, CNC machining became unprecedentedly prosperous. The number of CNC machine lathes marketed in the 3C industry also grew from less than 50,000 units in 2012 to 25 to 28 in 2017. Million more. The traditional metal die-casting industry and plastic injection molding industry, after less than three years of industrial conversion, have basically been completely smashed by the CNC machining industry and withdrawn from the entire smart phone industry chain.

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