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Company News >> Two years AMOLED mobile phone panel prices lower than LCD? 8th,Apr,2017
                                         Small and medium size mobile phone AMOLED panel continued to improve the rate, narrowing the gap with the LCD panel space, according to Displaysearch data show, AMOLED mobile phone panel average than the LCD 10% to 20% higher, with the yield improvement, two years AMOLED mobile phone panel Costs are likely to be lower than LCD panels.
                               AMOLED display is self-luminous, do not have to use the backlight module, the original market expected production costs lower than the LCD, but the long-term low yield problems, resulting in higher cost of production than the LCD, but AMOLED display color saturation, , Are generally used in high-end smart phones, but the yield increase, cost reduction, AMOLED display in the smart phone penetration continues to improve.
                               5-inch AMOLED mobile phone panel prices than the same size 1920X1080 LCD panel costs, about 16% higher, but
                              AMOLED yield increased to 9 percent, the two costs comparable, in the small and medium size panel penetration each other growth and decline.

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