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Company News >> In the face of the tuyere, who will lift the banner of flexible display?
The "screen" we are watching every day, is about to undergo major changes. The change from "straight" to "curved" is likely to become widespread in the near future. For example, the future mobile phone may have a screen that is as large as a tablet and can be folded up when not in use, and is just enough to fit into a pocket; or like a watch, it can be curled around on the wrist, which is very convenient. This foldable, rollable new display uses flexible display technology.
With the opening of a new era of flexible display, this year will become the first year of high-end flexible display of mobile phones in China to self-sufficiency, and how the layout of the future industrial chain will also determine whether China can lead the global AMOLED industry.
Flexible display industry is about to erupt
As an important branch of the display industry, flexible display technology has gradually become the new mainstream trend in the field of small and medium size displays. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone is equipped with a flexible AMOLED display screen, but also set off an upsurge in the market.
“We divide the flexible display technology into three different stages of development: the first stage is the fixed surface, and now many mobile phones are in this form, that is both sides of the surface; if the technology is further developed, the screen can be folded; the final stage, the screen Can be free to curl.At present in the field of flexible screens, fixed surface products have achieved large-scale production; folding screen, is the direction of the main attack of the manufacturers in the past two years, the current development status is the process from the sample stage to the product stage. Wei Ruonuo executive vice president Yan Ruoyuan said in an interview with “World Manager”.
In addition to being applied to mobile phones, flexible displays may be used in tablet PCs, VR glasses, on-vehicle displays, and smart speakers. The overall market prospects are broad. According to market analysts at Touch Display Research, by 2023, flexible and curved displays will account for 16% of global display revenue, compared with only 1% in 2013. At the same time, IHS iSuppli expects that by 2020, global flexible display shipments will reach 792 million units, which is much higher than the 3.2 million units in 2013.
In addition to the rapid growth of market prospects, the Chinese government is adopting a proactive support policy to support the sound development of the industry. The structure of China's economic development is accelerating toward the innovation drive. “One screen and one core” has risen to the national strategic height. Among them, the new material is the field in which the “China Made 2025” outline expressly focuses on development. In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has also released the "2014-2016 New Display Industry Innovation and Development Action Plan", which clearly proposes a plan to achieve breakthroughs in AMOLED technology.
"With the development of technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things is a general trend. Under such circumstances, in order to adapt to the new trends, flexible displays will become an indispensable form of display. It can be said that at present, the development opportunities for flexible displays are very good. The industry has high hopes for this. On the other hand, the government's support is also very strong, effectively promoting the scale expansion of the industry, the speed of technological upgrading, and promoting the development of the entire flexible display industry chain to autonomous and controllable development." Yan Ruyuan said.
Flexible Display Industry Development Status
In the field of flexible display technologies, South Korea’s Samsung and LG have already been deployed, and their production technology has gradually matured, and they have taken the lead in the industry. The development of flexible display technology in China also has a good foundation, and many companies such as Visionox have actively invested in and built the 6th generation flexible display production line.
It is reported that on May 17, 2018, China's first 6th-generation full-soft AMOLED production line led by Wessonuo was formally launched. This is the second global soft AMOLED production line following Samsung. According to Yan Ruoyuan, from the perspective of China's current development, including Viscino, there will soon be more manufacturers of 6 generations of production lines. This means that Chinese companies will break the existing market pattern monopolized by Samsung and will gradually move to the international advanced level.
In addition to vigorously deploying production lines, Chinese companies also focused on innovation and upgrading of core technologies. “At the stage of development of flexible technologies, Chinese companies have the opportunity to hit global highs, and the layout of technology or patents is very important,” Yan Ruyuan said.
In order to build a technological competitive advantage, Visionox has built a “ladder-type” R&D platform. From basic research to pilot studies, to mass production technology transformation, the development of the system is very complete. Wessonuo insists on independent research and development and technological innovation. At present, it has applied for more than 3,500 key patented technologies related to OLEDs, and has become a “Chinese company that develops international standards for flexible displays”, and is ahead of the industry. "The follow-up will transform these technological advantages into mass production advantages and promote the pioneering development of Visionox in the industry." Yan Ruyuan said.
In terms of standardization, Visionox is a representative company. In 2002, China participated in the formulation of international OLED standards. Yan Ruyuan said: "The higher level of technology competition should be in terms of standardization. Since the beginning of 2002, Visionox has participated in the formulation of international OLED standards." From this perspective, with the development of international standards for flexible display in China In-depth, domestic companies will have more power in the international community.
Build a new ecology of flexible industries
As the next generation of the most promising new display technology, the development of flexible AMOLED display technology faces many technical challenges. At the same time, the manufacturing process and materials also need to be further improved.
In order to accelerate the development of the flexible AMOLED display industry, close collaboration between upstream and downstream companies is required. It is understood that the industrial chain of flexible AMOLEDs includes upstream organic light-emitting materials, production equipment, driver chips, mid-stream panels and modules, and downstream terminal applications. Among them, panel makers play a major role in the entire industry chain.
"In the largest upstream segment of the display industry's profit space, most of the key raw materials are still in the hands of international manufacturers. The domestic production ratio of the entire supply chain is relatively low, which is also our future industrial development. Need to work hard in one direction." Yan Ruyuan said. According to industry experts, 2017 shows that the upstream material market of the industry has reached 100 billion, but most high-end materials are completely dependent on imports.
As a leader in the field of flexible display in China, Visionox has always advocated the establishment of a new industry ecology. Relying on the mass production and R&D experience accumulated over many years, Visionox has conducted technical cooperation with upstream manufacturers, especially chips, luminescent materials, and production equipment manufacturers, and has worked with terminal manufacturers in the downstream areas in combination with flexible concept product design and demand analysis. Business interaction.
"In the collaborative development of the industry chain, Visionox in accordance with the ICE strategy, to play our full link in independent innovation. I stands for Innovation, that is independent innovation, our innovation must not only have the quantity but also the quality, truly master the leading core technology C is Connection, which means to fully link the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, using the combination of Internet technology and real economy, through the co-innovation of the upstream and downstream of the intelligent production collaborative industry chain; E represents Evolution, that is, to create change, the future product form and our terminal The application of the product may be something we have never imagined before, and it is likely to be a revolutionary innovation, and Visconn will work with companies in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to apply more of our innovations to the display. We work together with industry chain partners to advance our technology to a higher level of development.” Yan Ruyuan said.
"In the field of flexible displays, the reason why Samsung is so unique is that it is not only a Samsung company, but also a lot of Korean companies surrounding it. These companies have made innovations in the industry chain around Samsung, which has made Samsung have today's development. In terms of follow-up, we believe that through our common collaborative innovation, we can achieve even more powerful new display industrialization,” Yan Ruyuan said.

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