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Company News >> Full-color LED display P3 and P5 difference?Full-color LED display P3 and P5 difference?
Full-color led display because of its excellent display, is widely loved by the majority of users. Most users will encounter such problems? How to use the full-color LED display screens P3 and P5 is most appropriate. For such problems, Xiao Bian has integrated past experience and thought that it would be better to consider which ones to use from the aspects of product attribute use environment. , The following Chengtong photoelectric chief engineer to answer your questions.
Chengtong photoelectric P3 and P5 full-color LED display screen technical parameters:
LED display model dot pitch pixel density maximum brightness drive method best viewing distance
P3 3mm 111111 points/m2≥1200 CD/m21/16 sweep 3 to 35 meters P5 5mm 40000 points/m2≥1600CD/m21/16 1/8 sweep 5 to 50 meters LED full color display
1. The dot pitch is an important basis for distinguishing the full-color LED display models and directly determines the pixel resolution per unit area of ​​the LED display. In the field of high-definition LED display screens, every unit of indentation is a technological breakthrough. Look at the above data to know: P3 indoor display pixel density 111111 points / m2, P5 indoor display pixel density of 40,000 points / m2, just because of their dot spacing indented 2mm, pixels per square meter increased by 71,111 points!
2. The drive mode determines the screen brightness. Since the P5 display has fewer pixels per square meter, the brightness is higher than that of the P3 model. If it is semi-outdoor or indoor window location, you must choose a higher brightness model. In terms of power consumption, P3 is definitely larger than P5, mainly because of the characteristics of multiple pixels and brightness greater than 1200cd/m2.
3. In the same LED box and power supply, control card and other configurations, the price of P3 indoor display is certainly more expensive than the P5 indoor display, an important reason is the use of LED lamp beads per unit area more, resulting in cost upload.
The above is the difference between Chengtong Optoelectronics full-color led display p3\p5, which one is more appropriate, which must be considered based on the actual environment, viewing distance, display content requirements and investment budget. About full-color LED display price: Welcome to contact the LED display manufacturer Shenzhen Chengtong Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Business Manager, will do its best to provide you with business help.

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