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Company News >> Solid color hard screen vs. quantum dots Who is the strongest LCD? LG Sony Samsung Competition
It is also a World Cup year and it is also a big movie year. The visual feast that is before us is mouth-watering. With the popularity of 4K, the most critical factor affecting our feast is not resolution, but the color reproduction, color gamut coverage, contrast, and smoothness of the TV. Degree and so on.
At the same time, not only the level of TV hardware is rapidly developing, but also the format standards for video film shooting are constantly improving. HDR standards have surfaced one after another, and Dolby Panorama has broken through the concept of traditional channels and can be combined. The content of the film presents dynamic sound effects and subverts cinematic sound effects. The emergence of HFR technology allows us to enjoy a smooth high-speed motion picture, which is particularly important to fans. In fact, all of the evolution of television sets a higher demand. Not only should we have excellent internal qualities, but we must also have a broad mind and can tolerate all fresh content.
At this time, how to choose a cutting-edge and affordable LCD TV is a scratching issue. Selecting a foreign brand that still has a leading edge in technology is basically a consensus, but how to choose between LG, Samsung, and Sony may not be a good answer. Today we chose the LG solid color hard screen SK8500, Samsung Q6F, Sony X9000F three respective brands of LCD flagship to do a detailed interpretation, hoping to give everyone some suggestions.
Comparative test 1: objective parameter test
The three TVs are representative products in the high-end market and each has its own advantages. Others, we do not list first, quality is the first element! Samsung's quantum dot technology, Sony's Terri color display technology and LG's solid color hard screen technology are the best LCD technology in the market. The core of the three technologies is to improve the color accuracy, color gamut, and screen brightness of the screen.
First, we used the Spyder4 TV Color Analyzer to test the color gamut coverage. We used the more powerful third-party color correction software DisplayCAL to test. The test background is as follows: We will adjust the three TV screens to the default “standard” mode and warm up for more than half an hour, control the ambient light in the darkest possible range, and turn on the software's “ambient brightness adjustment” to ensure Minimize the environmental brightness error.

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