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Company News >> One plus six experiences: Easy-to-use gesture control Unique and comprehensive screen adaptation
One plus one week released its own new generation of flagship mobile phones plus one. This “suit suit mob” is also highly praised for its excellent feel and performance. In one plus six, for the first time, the design of a special-shaped screen was adopted. At the same time, a full-screen adaptation was made to this larger and more immersive screen. Let's take a look with you.
Shaped screen brings a larger screen share
One plus six is the first one to use a special screen design plus a mobile phone, using a Samsung 6.28-inch Optic AMOLED display with a resolution of 2280*1080. In terms of display quality, it is roughly the same as the previous generation plus 5T, but the larger screen fits into the original size of the body, bringing a more immersive experience.
The heterogeneous screen can be said to be a transfer station on the full screen. Under the condition that the existing technology is difficult to hide the front camera receiver and other original parts, the notch screen is what we call Liu Haiping's design is to make the mobile phone screen as much as possible. Take up as much as possible to choose from.
In the corners of the screen, the processing of one plus six is still remarkable, and the arc transitions on the four corners of the screen are almost consistent with the frame of the fuselage. This design can make accidental impact on the one hand in the case of a narrow frame. When the mobile phone screen does not stress at one point, try to protect the screen from damage. On the other hand, it is visually better. The rounded screen makes the borders, especially the top border, more harmonious and more visually pleasing.
Full screen gestures that are easy to use for right and left hands
From the concept of full-screen, the control of the mobile phone gradually shifted from the button to the gesture. In the previous 5T beta system, one plus brought a full-screen gesture function. This one plus six on the default support for a full-screen gesture operation, through the upper hand gestures to replace the previous Andrews three King Kong built control methods.
When the gestures are operated, the left and right sides are backed by operations, and the middle position is back to the desktop. Whether you are used to playing with the left hand or the right hand, it will be very convenient to return to the operation. And the operation logic similar to the previous three King Kong keys is not too difficult to learn. The multi-tasking interface is achieved by dragging and then hovering. The multi-tasking interface still maintains a similar vertical stacking arrangement for native Android, and the horizontal slide can close the background.
In addition to the gesture operation, three virtual buttons we are familiar with can also be used, and can be adjusted according to their own needs in the settings.

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